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Students from other Towns given CDF Bursaries to study at private colleges in Mufulira raises concern


The Constituency Development Committee (CDC) in Mufulira’s Kantanshi Constituency has urged the Government to quickly address loopholes surrounding the disbursing, utilisation and management of the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

There has been increased public interest in the disbursing, utilization and management of CDF after the New Dawn Government increased the allocation to K 25.7 million per constituency.

Some stakeholders are particularly interested in the release and utilization of CDF after concerns over revised guidelines and the usual government bureaucracy arose.

Kantanshi CDC Chairperson Fr. Francis Mwansa Mufwaya said his team has noted contradictions in the Constituency Development Fund utilisation.

Fr. Mufwaya said several students in Kantanshi Constituency, who applied for CDF bursaries to study at private, but Technical Education, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training Authority (TEVETA) accredited colleges, have been denied sponsorship.

He said what is more shocking is that students from other towns such as Chavuma and Solwezi have been given CDF bursaries to study at the same institutions in Mufulira.

Fr. Mufwaya said no student should be disadvantaged from getting CDF bursaries when they meet the set criteria.

“We have a problem with contradictions in the Constituency Development Fund. We have a local skills training college here in Mufulira which offers skills in mining and earthmoving equipment. Our Kantanshi students have been refused but applicants from lkeleng’i, Solwezi, Chavuma and Chinsali have been admitted in this skills center using CDF from the above places. The director of a local training centre confirmed this development on phone in my presence and our area Member of Parliament Dr. Anthony Mumba this morning (Monday),” Fr. Mufwaya said.

“We have a contradiction from the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development as regards Constituency Development Fund (CDF) on bursaries because students from Kantanshi Constituency were disapproved because they applied to private institutions that we know are accredited by TEVETA. But our students in Kantanshi Constituency or bursary applicants have been refused. However, the contradiction is that we have applicants that have become students at the same private skills training institutions from outside Kantanshi Constituency and even outside Copperbelt Province,” said the Catholic Priest.

“We have students from Ikeleng’i, Chavuma, Solwezi, Chinsali who have been offered bursaries using CDF to study at private training institutions that are here in Mufulira but our own here in Mufulira and the Copperbelt have been refused to be sent by the Government to these TEVETA affiliated institutions or colleges. So, the same Government or ministry says these students can’t be allowed again the same government allows others from other constituencies. This is the contradiction that we find so as Constituency Development Committee Chairperson in Kantanshi I would like to appeal on behalf of constituencies and people to the government that they must look into this issue as soon as possible so that our students may not be disadvantaged. This is the problem that we have in our constituency,” Fr. Mufwaya said.


  1. I warned you that this cdf was going to be used in an unfair manner. They are now using it only to the advantage of those that hail from upnd strongholds. We warned you.

    • “We have students from Ikeleng’i, Chavuma, Solwezi, Chinsali who have been offered bursaries using CDF to study at private training institutions that are here in Mufulira

      Dear Sir, Cant your eyes see Chinsali listed amongst external beneficiaries? is that a UPND stronghold?

    • Shut up you man. Let the Father follow up as to the true reason. At MLGRD, private colleges are allowed to train CDF sponsored students.
      By the, the real KZ is much more reasonable than this pseudo KZ

  2. It’s Garry Nkombo as he’s the only one that approves all CDF projects. He’s probably overwhelmed especially after steins of Mary Mukiya

  3. Ba Father, since you are the Chair of the CDC, you should have clearly stated whether your committee had recommended some applicants to the said private institution. According to the guidelines, they only state that the institution should be registered with TEVET.
    I am not surprised you are called ” cry baby”

  4. Sunrise fuseke! Come say those words to my face if you are man enough and see what happens. I am at mandahill as I type this.

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