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Zambia Police detain 14-year-old girl for the death of her boyfriend in Eastern Province


Police in the Eastern Province have detained a 14-year-old girl from Madzimawe Chiefdom of Kasenengwa district in connection with the death of her 17-year-old boyfriend.

The boy is suspected to have died due to poisoning after eating nshima prepared with a love potion the girlfriend had cooked for him.

Eastern Province Acting Police Commanding Officer, Davies Simwanza said the suspect was allegedly given the love concoction by her grandmother to give the boyfriend.

Mr Simwanza said the deceased on July 1st 2022, whilst herding cattle, was given and ate nshima, which his girlfriend had prepared.

He said in the evenings, the deceased developed diarrhoea and started vomiting and quickly was rushed to the health centre and eventually to Chipata Central Hospital, where he died on Monday.

“Brief facts are that, on July 1st the deceased who was taking care of cattle is said to have eaten nshima around 12hrs prepared by the girlfriend. In the evening, he developed diarrhoea and started vomiting and was taken to the clinic and later Chipata Central Hospital where he died around 01 hours on July 4th,” he said.

The Acting Police Commanding Officer said the suspect, together with her grandmother, has been detained to help the police with investigations while the body of the deceased is lying in Chipata Central Hospital mortuary awaiting post-mortem.


  1. POOR HEALTH SERVICES. This person’s life could have been saved if the doctors were awake.
    What love concorction can kill a person? The symptoms of diarrhoea and vomiting clearly point to an infection (food poisoning) not intentional poisoning. Please do a proper post moterm before arresting and inconveniencing innocent people.

  2. This is the kind of witchcraft that 100% of Zambian women practice. However Zambian men continue to have multiple girlfriends and divorce women anyhow. It’s just in their minds , a very primitive practice.

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