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Ex Post Master General Chanda, two others jailed for two years for unlawful diversion of over K300 million


Former Post Master General MacPherson Chanda and two others have been sentenced to two years imprisonment for 13 counts of theft by public servant by the Ndola Magistrate Court.

Chanda, Former Finance Director Best Mwaiche and Isaac Kamwimba were sentenced today by a Ndola Magistrate Court. The court has given the three an option of a fine amounting to K350 million.

Chanda and the two others have been found guilty in the 13 counts of theft by public servants involving over K300 million. The three unlawfully diverted social cash transfer (SCT) funds amounting to K335, 108,834 without authority.

The case was before the Economic and Financial Crimes Court Magistrate Kaunda Sakwanda.

In April Mr.Chanda and two others were found with a case to answer in all the 13 counts of theft by public servant involving over K300 million. When the case came before the Fast Track Economic and Financial Crimes Court in Ndola, magistrate Kaunda Sakwanda said after hearing the prosecution’s witnesses, she was satisfied that a prima face case had been established against the accused persons.

“I, therefore, find the accused persons with a case to answer. Having said this, I put the accused persons herein on their defence for the offence of theft by public servant in all 13 counts,” she ruled.

Last year, the Drug Enforcement Commission and the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) arrested Chanda and two directors for corrupt practices involving over K300,000,000.

The trio, in their capacities as Postmaster General, Director of Finance and Director of Operations, respectively, were said to have unlawfully diverted social cash transfer funds amounting to K335,108,834.00 without lawful authority.

In count one, it is alleged that between December 1, 2017 and December 31, 2021, Mcpherson Chanda, Best Mwaichi and Isaac Kamwimba jointly and whilst acting together with other persons unknown and being employed in the public service, namely as PostMaster General, Director Finance and Director operations, respectively, for the Zambia Postal Services, stole K 50,000,000, property belonging to the Government of Zambia.

In count two, it is alleged that Chanda and Kamwimba between August 1 and December 1, 2018 stole K21,945,256, property belonging to the Government of Zambia.

In count three, it is alleged that Chanda and Mwaichi between September 1 and October 1, 2017, stole K 27,363,578, property belonging to the Government of Zambia.

In counts four and five, Chanda and Mwaichi are alleged to have between March 1 and December 1, 2018, stolen K 5,500,000 and K20,000,000, property belonging to the Government of Zambia.

In count six, the two are also alleged to have stolen K16,000,000 between September 1 and December 1, 2017 and K50,000,000 between January 1, 2017 and December 1, 2018.

Other amounts Chanda and Mwaichi are alleged to have stolen include; K50,000,000 between January 1 and December 1, 2018, K25,000,000 between October 1 and December 1, 2017, K6,000,000 between January 1 and December 1, 2018, K24,300,000 between October 1 and December 1, 2017, K25,000,000 between October 9 and December 1, 2017 and K14,000,000 between October 25 and December 1, 2017.


  1. We would like to see kakubo in court too and the fertiliser crooks who are being shielded by the vice president of upnd

  2. Some people can steal hey!!! yet workers went for months without Salaries whilst Chanda and his cohorts were enjoying GRZ funds. Vimangeni na 2 years yachepa

  3. if this true the two years sentence is very lenient, these guys should have gone in for 10 years. How are the moneys stolen going to be recovered its not stated in this judgment. Its easy for one to save just two years and come back to enjoy the money he looted. This kink of sentence can not deter would be offenders. Besides Prison conditions are being improved under the UPND administration.

    • I was recently in the Livingstone Magistrates Court where I witnessed a young boy of no more than 17 years old given a sentence of 4 years with hard labour for stealing an old wheelbarrow, piece of hose pipe and a rusty 45 gallon drum……. how come they only got two years for 300’000 million…..

  4. Can someone extradite and arrest INDEPENDENT OBSERVER too. How did this chap make all these millions? In fact we should arrest these mourners KAIZER ZULU, SAULOS , INDEPENDENT OBSERVER , DEJA VU. These are people who benefited from PF.

    • Ask hh that question. Why would someone be so greedy as to sell almost all our parastatals at a loss all for kickbacks.

    • kaiza zulu you got no shame,you were in power for 10 years ,all you did was to fight in pubs with small boys and gals. you should helped the government strengthen institutions of governance,but what did you know anyway.

  5. As a deterrence, 5 years minimum would have been appropriate…….

    That’s what we saw under lungus regime…………

    People sitting in front of big desks , all they were doing is planning how to steal, all day.

  6. Finally the fight against theft and corruption in the previous government is bearing fruit although the sentence was too short. Maybe the state should appeal the sentence as I’m sure the accused will also appeal the verdict.

  7. Let me also go in government and steal!!! 2 years for k300 million???
    What a joke this UPND corruption fight

    • At least they are doing something. In all the previous governments (that came after Kaunda), these thieves would have been celebrated. HH has been in power for only 10 months and criminals are already going to jail. Give the man credit

  8. A villager steals 1 cow goes in for 5 years hard labour but the more destructive elites who steal K335 million are just give 2 year simple imprisonment. This judgement does not deter would be offenders. The judgement needs to be revisited.

    • Its because when you steal that type of money you can afford the best lawyers money can buy…its laughable

  9. 2 years jail time for transfering K300m is joke ..these guys will do 1 and half years …come out still enjoy life. This is not a deterent

  10. These foools were protected by PF and Sunday Chanda…PF govt covered for the loss of this money using taxpayers funds. Jail time should have been 6 years minmum

  11. Those who are commenting about the sentencing being too lenient. Sentencing has a guideline in Penal Code. That is why the Justice Minister has been saying that we need to change the Penal Code so that your sentence can be equal to your crime

  12. Can the case record be recalled 2 years or an option for a fine of 300m then they do not save please CJ revisit this matter and resentence the trio to at most 6 years with hard labour not simple imprisonment…we went many days without salaries…retirees no benefits and then this…where is justice…please recall this file as was done in the case of the drug trafficker….this is unfair

  13. The good thing is that we are debating the length of their sentence, rather than that they are getting away scot-free. This verdict is sure to send a chill down the spine of those who have looted our country, and those who might be thinking of doing it. This is a good start. Now Chishima Kambwili, Kaizer Zulu, Edgar Lungu, Tasila Lungu, etc, should be shaking in their shoes…

  14. These sentences tend to promote stealing. It is worthwhile to steal k300 million and serve only 2 years in the Coolers. No big deal. In the US where laws are meant to deter plunder, it could have been anything like 20 to 25 years.

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