Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Referee Mweemba Tells Fans Stay Abreast with Football Laws


FAZ Super League top referee Milton Mweemba has asked soccer fans to regularly update themselves with latest football laws.

Mweemba, a top referee, said on many occasions fans dispute referee’s decisions because they do not understand laws governing the game.

The Kamfinsa based referee said fans should know that laws of the game are regularly updated.

“It is important for soccer fans to update themselves with the laws of the game. Some soccer fans really do not understand what it is really to be a referee and to make a decision in a split of a second. You are a police officer, a prosecutor and judge at the same time,” Mweemba said.

“Laws of the game keep on changing, there are many changes regarding offside and other game situation. Just last week FIFA approved that there will be new technology of penalizing offside at the World Cup so that tells you something,” he said.

Mweemba, however, admitted that some times referees make mistakes that shouldn’t be seen as biasness.

“Mistakes are there as a referee but it’s not what fans think like favouring. A referee just make technical mistake.”

“When a referee makes a mistake it is not deliberate it is just a technical mistake as a human being. We are human,” Mweemba said.

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