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Ex-Miner shoots Self, Daughter and Grandson


A 61 year old retired miner of Kitwe’s Mindolo Township has shot himself dead after shooting his daughter and grandson in the early hours of today.

Copperbelt Police Commanding Officer Sharon Zulu says Isaac Gondwe first shot and wounded his 26 year old daughter ESNART and 13 year old grandson Kondwani Lungu.

Esnart sustained a bullet wound on the left side of her chest while Kondwani sustained a bullet wound on the left side of his mouth.

Ms. Zulu says the deceased, who was not in talking terms with his wife Sara Gondwe 57, earlier informed her that he was not feeling well.

She says his wife told him to look for some pain killers.

Ms. Zulu says it was at this point that the deceased went to the rooms where other members of the family were sleeping and separated the two victims from the other family members.

He then accused the two of always being against him.

Ms.Zulu says it was from there that he shot them and also attempted to shoot the wife but the gun jammed.

She says he then went and locked himself in the bedroom where he shot himself.

Ms. Zulu says a Glock Pistol was used in the act with two empty cartridges picked from the scene.

She said his daughter and grandson are admitted at Kitwe Teaching Hospital and Doctors have described the condition of his grandson as critical while that of his daughter as stable.

The body of the deceased is in Kitwe Teaching Hospital Mortuary.


    • Poor Journalism. When you insert such descriptives in the headline you are leading the reader to some negative conclusion about miners or whatever the subject

  1. More preventable and unnecessary deaths under the upnd. Since August 2021, this country has been cursed with the demon of death


  3. I don’t agree with those who have taken issue with the usage of the term “ex-miner” in reference to the deceaed if it is true that he was a miner! The reader is entitled to know whether the subject of a story is an ex-miner, an ex-policeman,, an ex-soldier, or whatever. This adds colour to the story. One may wonder why I have sprang to the writer’s defence – this is because I happen to be a journalist and this is what I teach my journalism class at my college!

    • You are the cause of such poor journalism as exhibited in the article if that is what you are teaching. You have not added ‘colour’ to the story but instead introduced insinuations about the state of mind of the man being related to him having been a miner. There is more useful information that journalist would have provided such as whether the police are investigating the case any further to establish the motive. For instance why was he not on speaking terms with the wife? Has the gun been taken int custody by the police? etc

  4. @9 kanamaso you are teaching your journalists the wrong things.The fact that he is a miner isnt news so if you follow the philosophy of the inverted pyramid style, the alleged murderer’s profession isnt supposed to feature as highly as in a headline or intro. It is background to the news and should therefore be relegated to the less important parts of the story. Anywhere near the tailend would do. Right now its unneccessarily drawing attention to the profession of the alleged murderer, and suicide suspect in a manner that may force some readers to think miners regularly do these things. Perhaps because they work underground? LOL,

  5. When a man loses employment, even through retirement, he has a short fuse. When her man no longer has money, it’s time for the women to revenge. This is a very dangerous mix. A man can get annoyed on flimsy grounds, a simple misunderstanding can be blown out of proportion. A woman might even remember how she was mistreated 30yrs ago and make her man pay. It’s a strange set up but it usually leads to fatalities like this. The woman is lucky that the gun jammed. Please do things that draw you towards God the Almighty, especially in the twilight of your lives. Never provoke a man that has lost his glory days, he’s dangerous

    • You are right. If I am not wrong, the house belongs to the woman…. maybe that’s the Genesis of the problem.

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