Thursday, April 18, 2024

Lihefu advises the Zambia Correctional Service to apply for CDF


Government has advised authorities at Solwezi Correctional Facility to use the constituency development fund (CDF) to finance its various development projects.

North-western province Minister Mr. Robert Lihefu says the Correctional Service in the area should consider utilising the availability of the CDF now standing at K 25. 7 million per constituency and apply.

In a speech read on his behalf by Northwestern province Permanent Secretary, Grandson Katambi during the Commemoration of the International Day of Prayer and Action for inmates held at St. Daniel Catholic Cathedral Church in Solwezi today, Mr. Lihefu  said CDF could be used by correctional facilities to address some challenges faced such as water problems.

Mr. Lihefu said CDF has a lot of components which can allow correctional facilities to access the funds.

“We need as a government to do something and it must start from this  allocation of CDF,it must start…get involved…get interested..

“  These people out there need water, there is no water there, but you are calling them Zambians so this government through the President Mr.  HH has made it  possible… he has given us that money”, he said.

The provincial minister said there is need to make inmates feel that they are Zambians by addressing there critical challenges.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lihefu said reformation of inmates is a dead dream without the spiritual component.

 Correctional Facilities Regional Commanding Officer, Joseph Kondoloni thanked the government for releasing 40 inmates from the province, out of the over  900 that ware pardoned by President Hakainde Hichilema this week.

“Just this week, President Mr. Hakainde Hichilema pardoned over 900 inmates and North-western region had 40 inmates from our facilities in the region to reduce congestion, as a region we appreciate the gesture”, he said.

Mr. Kondoloni said he region has 914 inmates as of today and  the service has opened its doors to church and other organizations to come and assist God’s creation who may have offended the society.

He said the inmates come from the community and they are all Gods creation.


  1. Cdf which no single citizen or voter has benefited from to this day. Cdf is a way fog upnd to steal millions. Look how rich garry nkombo is becoming. Weddings on boats etc

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