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Government will reinstate travel ban once operators adhere to safety measures -Tayali


Minister of Transport and Logistics Frank Tayali has reiterated that the government will only determine the re-introduction of night travel for long distance passenger buses once operators adhere to all road safety measures.

Mr Tayali says the government’s wish is to see passenger buses operate 24/7, to enhance the country’s economy ,but that there is a need to  protect commuters by monitoring  drivers on the road to avoid frequent accidents.

Mr. Tayali who is also Ndola Central Member of Parliament was speaking with ZANIS in a telephone interview in Lusaka today.

‘’We treasure and cherish the lives of the Zambians, hence we would not want to risk their lives by reintroducing night travel before all measures are put in place.

He said if operators cooperate with all the road safety measures such as introducing co-drivers among others, the government will consider lifting the ban.

Mr. Tayali stressed that the government agrees with the drivers that the ban has affected business, but that a right thing must be done before considering the move.


  1. They want to travel at night to avoid been arrested for placing defective vehicles on the road let them travel by day it has reduced fatalities

  2. The government should also give itself a target of improving upon the the road infrastructure as a measure to go with those to be implemented by the bus operators.

  3. Gorvenment should should also look at the state of the roads. With no road markings, signage and roadside amenities, Zambian roads are not fit for night travel be it passenger transport or any other form of vehicle

  4. Invest in good quality trains to take the load off these bus operators. The railways can help alleviate the gap and force operators to improve on their services or go bust.

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