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It won’t be long before the praise singers start condemning the HH-led New Dawn Administration


Former Zambia’s High Commissioner to Australia says it won’t be long before the praise singers start condemning the Hakainde Hichilema-led New Dawn Administration.

Fr. Frank Bwalya said Zambians are very disappointed with President Hichilema who he accused of shielding big companies from paying taxes.

The Socialist Party (SP) Member of the Mobilization Committee demanded that the Head of State needs to explain to Zambians why he is giving holidays to mines who did not even refuse to pay tax.

Fr Bwalya alleged that no government can give tax holidays unless there is someone benefiting from the same. He said this when he featured on Millennium TV last night to discuss Zambia under the New Dawn Administration.

“The people of Zambia may not do anything but they are very disappointed with you President Hakainde Hichilema. They are very disappointed with you because you are protecting these big companies, you are shielding them from paying the tax, the tax that the Zambian people, that you as a government require to put medicines in the hospitals, to ensure that there is quality education, our women our so on,” he said.

“You have decided to align yourself, to stand with these mining companies who in fact didn’t even refuse to pay tax in the first place. What is going on? You need to explain to the Zambians people.”

Fr Bwalya further indicated that Zambians are people are annoyed.

“You claimed to be a transparent person, that you are going to be talking to our people. In fact, I hear that you are going to be having radio programs, to engage with the Zambian people so that you can explain. I think it was done once with the press conference at State House, that thing I can assure you dear Zambians, it will not come back,” he said.

“Because the people are annoyed. The people are asking pertinent questions. Even a small child, a small child is going to ask you manje vitumbuwa vioneka ving’ono koma mu PF venzo onekako vikulu. Why? Because they are saying the inflation is going down but the prices of goods are not going down.”


  1. More wisdom. Zambians only voted upnd because they got bored and were curious to see what would happen. It was not because pf were not performing. Now that they have tasted the under5s people are crying and saying they made mistake

    • No one is regretting. Actually, PF have no goodwill. If PF was so great, why is Frank Bwalya speaking as a member of the Socialist Party?

    • Which people ? You? PF will never resurrect. The inly reason your MPs are not leaving the party is for fear of not being re-elected should a by-election be called if they resigned. You will see how they will dump the party after dissolution of the National Assembly in 2026. You are just shocked that no matter your manouvers and sabotage tactics to make this country ungovernable, we are still solely behind HH and the UPND; thanks to an enlightened population.

    • This kaizar baboon needs to be caged. We can’t have such ugly people free. This guy is so ugly I fear for the wife…

  2. He wasted 5 years in Australia, going absolutely nothing………….

    Zambia gained nothing , only lost money and an opportunity to engage that rich continent……..

  3. Useless zambian journalism……….

    Why don’t you ask Frank Bwalya what he archived in Australia as ambassador ???

  4. Just ask yourself why you left your beloved PF to jump on SP. Is that in itself not a condemnation of the PF?

  5. Ah he is now SP no longer mr red card PF? Ok indeed some people expected certain ‘benefits’ from our party… but the majority of us who queued on that August day knew deep down the hard work had only just began….ball panshi papa

  6. So, this vuvuzela is back now, Oh Gosh! He has started the noise again……
    I am suprised, so he ditched PF and is now in SP? INTERESTING…….Atleast he is one step ahead of some of these people who think PF is still a force to reckon with, they still think they will get back in 2026…….FORGET PF……It’s done.
    CK, Nakachinda, Mundubile, Lvsambo, Lvbinda, Mwamba…….none of these have the capacity to convince Zambians to vote for PF !

  7. Why many PF bigwigs and cadres moving to Socialist Party?

    Do they a future there?
    Are they running away from a sinking ship?

    Or they laundering themselves?

    Why SP and another Party?

    As for UPND, Worldwide prices are going up. Do not bury head in Kongu sand? Stagflation has come back in Zimbabwe, manipulating Index by statistical agency is delaying the volcano.

  8. Ba Frank Bwalya…. nomadic politician… now socialist party….I honestly feel sorry for him.
    UPND recalled him from Australia where he was being paid for nothing,even got married !!! ati I am a diplomat….we understand your bitteness but did you honestly expect the New Dawn to allow you to continue in Australia when you were posted there by PF ????

    Sometimes it is better to keep quiet if you have nothing sensible to say…… maybe you should find yourself an Airtel booth to keep you busy ba Frank…

    • You are a fake and bitter citizen. Government posts citizens to embassies. They shouldnt be seen as enemies of political parties. So you are saying whenever there’s a new party there shouild be new diplomats? Thats costly and thats not how developed democracies operate.

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