Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Government urged to allow planned protests at the African Union (AU) summit


Human Rights Expert Macdonald Chipenzi is urging the government to allow planned protests at the African Union (AU) summit which takes place this week in Lusaka.

Mr Chipenzi says peaceful protests, demonstrations and picketing must be allowed because they are part of the democratic process and no one should block, deny and stop anyone who wants to demonstrate, protest or picket at the au summit although he is urging those who want to protest to notify the Zambia police.

He has urged the police to, therefore, permit, approve and escort those who want to protest against anything ahead, during and after the au summit and has implored the police to ensure the protests are peaceful.

Mr Chipenzi is of the view that allowing protests, demonstrations or picketing at the au summit will send a good signal about Zambia’s newly restored freedoms by citizens to other African countries that do not allow their citizens to express themselves through demonstrations, protests or picketing.

Yesterday, Home Affairs Minister Jack Mwiimbu warned anyone who will be found disturbing the smooth flow of the AU meeting saying the government is aware that there are some unscrupulous individuals and their supporters that want to take advantage of the AU conference to carry out illegalities.

Mr Mwiimbu warned that anyone who will be found disturbing the smooth flow of the 4th African Union mid-year coordination meeting will be dealt with.

Mr Mwiimbu said that it is important that differences are put aside as the country hosts the summit and can later be handled after the AU meeting is done.

He has since appealed to anyone who is thinking of creating anarchy to desist from doing so. Mr Mwiimbu has also encouraged the public to be courteous to the visiting countries that will be coming through for the summit.


  1. Please let sanity behave don’t be that child who waits for visitors to let out the family secrets….allow the summit to go ln as planned lets use the occasion to market out country

  2. Why is freedom of protest important?

    “People realise that they are not alone”

    “By protesting, we alter the agenda and start a debate”

    “In an electoral democracy, protest provides an essential voice for minority groups”

    “Sometimes we win in ways we had not intended or planned”

    “Sometimes we win”

    “Sometimes we win but it takes a generation or more”

  3. Usually when there are protests there is something that the protestors wish to draw attention to.
    What is the reason for this protest, please?

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