Thursday, May 30, 2024

Copperbelt Province set to have Organic Liquid Fertiliser plant


African National Poverty Fund -ANPF and Safer Africa Savings and Credit Cooperative Union-SASCCU have written to President Hakainde Hichilema seeking permission to operate at the black mountain for a few days to raise some funds.

The two organisations are on a fundraising venture to raise funds that will facilitate the establishment of an organic liquid fertiliser production plant in Masaiti district on the Copperbelt.

In their letter to President Hichilema, the two organisations want government through mines minister to allow them operate at the slug dump for a few days for them to raise at least K5 Million.

“We now humbly appeal to you, your Excellency that your able government through our able minister of mines, Paul Kabuswe to permit the two cooperatives (SASCCU and (LRCCMCS) to mine on the Kitwe’s black mountain for few days to raise K5, 000,000,” the letter read in part.

According Tresphord Chomba, ANPF president, the two Zambian organisations are expected to buy 20, 000 by one liter containers of organix fertiliser from Denva if the plant is to be established.

Buying the said litres of fertiliser for Zambian farmers will cost US $180m which the Indian company will need for it to be able to transport machinery and equipment needed to set up the plant.

Mr. Chomba said the two organisations do not need to invest in

anything apart from buying fertiliser from the Indian company and raise the money needed to transport the equipment for the plant to be established.

Mr. Chomba is also appealing to other stakeholders to help raise funds to buy fertiliser from India and that the company supplying will be able to set up a production plant.

The organic liquid fertiliser that is likely to be opened before the end of 2022 is expected to provide farmers with a cheaper and affordable fertiliser source.

Mr. Chomba has added that the two organisations have also signed a memorandum of partnership with Denvas Services Limited of India to help establish a plant in the border town.

He has expressed happiness that the Copperbelt Provincial Administration has already shown interest to support the project.

Mr.Chomba has disclosed that ground breaking ceremony for the organic liquid fertiliser set for July 21 ,2022.

He added that establishing the organic liquid fertiliser plant will help over 1 million small scale farmers access cheaper fertiliser.


  1. Pathetic journalism LT…………

    Advice your reporters to write in bemba , nyanja or another local language if they can’t report in English

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