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HH calls for for the decongestion of traffic at Kasumbalesa Border post with DRC


President Hakainde Hichilema has called for the decongestion of traffic at Kasumbalesa Border post where a long stretch of trucks are queued up.

The president says he has since directed the Ministry of commerce, trade and industry to engage stakeholders from the two countries to work together to find a lasting solution to address the challenge.

President Hichilema also stated that other routes to DRC such as the Kolwezi-lumwana, Mukambo , Kipushi and Sakanya border areas should be opened to develop business and trade development for the two countries.

He said the two countries need to focus their efforts and resources to foster economic development for the benefit of their people.

The President said this during the official receipt of the new Designate Ambassador of the Democratic Republic of Congo to Zambia Didier Bapaga at the state house.

He reiterated the call for joint efforts to develop the mineral resources which are abundant in the two countries.

“I must indicate that it is very important that we must organize ourselves and unlock specific opportunities in our two countries. The minerals which are predominantly abundant in DRC and Zambia such as copper, gold, manganese and gold should be exploited to advance development in the two countries, “He said.

President Hichilema stated that Zambia attaches great importance to the relationship it has with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The President stated that there is a need to strengthen the bilateral ties shared by the two countries by maintaining peace at various levels.

“Zambia and DRC share common interests of ensuring that there is security and peace for their people which should be maintained,”

He urged the new Ambassador to work with the Ministry of foreign affairs to unlock various opportunities to benefit both countries as well as address challenges affecting the two countries.

Meanwhile, the new DRC Ambassador to Zambia Didier Bapaga said his country values the long standing bilateral relationship it has enjoyed with Zambia over the years.

Ambassador Bapage said he is keen to learn how to tackle challenges affecting his country such as poverty, HIV/AIDS and climate change among others from Zambian stakeholders.

He commended Zambia for the role it has played in promoting peace, security and stability in DRC and other countries across the African continent.

HH with  Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the  Democratic Republic of Congo, His Excellency Didier Serge Tepupileka Bapaga
HH with Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Democratic Republic of Congo, His Excellency Didier Serge Tepupileka Bapaga


  1. We never had such a chaotic situation at Kasumba Lesa before. This has come about because their government has been trying to replace agencies there with their friends. What is the minister of Commerce going use to clear the congestion? Is he going to use a whip?

  2. Don’t jst focus to only decongest the road from Chingola to Kasumbalesa bt to construct a dual carriage way, the road is bad. Whn is the UPND govt going to start spreading on such projects, wht good are going to give us, awee this govt is a greedy one. Is this your money?

  3. THis song has been sung by all governments since 1991. Cant we just act? Talking about decongesting on one day out of 365 doesnt help

  4. Indeed Your Excellency you have done well, traffic at Kasumbalesa need to be decogngested. And it only requires a biliteral understanding of the two countries ( Zambia & DRC) and taking note of the source of goods in transit. The Kasumbalesa tranfic is a serious NTB to trade facilitation.

  5. Just goes to show………..

    The president is well ahead of the oppposition curve………..

    While they all focus on petty issues , the president remains focused on important on point issues to improve zambia……..

    I dont see any one on the horizon to challenge the president,…

    Miles Sampa is the only sensible one amongst the distant crowd………….

    Well done again Mr president……….

  6. @Cry POrt: I dont know whether you are from Burundi, Rwanda or Congo DRC but, listen to me: HH does not sing cos he is not a singer. He is an Economist and Richest Zambian-google. Therefore, HH does not say what he will not do, accept when he says it, ask him , and he ll give you an exact. and believe me, that date wont be tommorrow – Ask the Teachers. They are the first Zambians to know him better. So, if you are used to bluffers? Then with HH,sorry you came to the wrong address my dear.

    • Iwe HH’s trumpet boy masquerading as Lungu’s wife,read my post again. I want your demi-god HH to act today. This far he has been no different from all Zambian politicians. All mouth and no action because he is surrounded by worshippers like you who think anyone with some money must be idolised even if it is dubiously earned. So you voted for him because he has money? What a hanger on u are. Some of us arent here to drop malenda over someone’s money. We want action. Thats what progressive leadership does

    • Extremely concerning comment, he is the richest and an economist and must therefore be great?
      And we don’t know our President’s networth, he could be the richest or the number 10. Edgar Lungu’s refusal to declare publicly his assets has been used by HH to hid his wealth.

  7. You gotta give it to the president………

    He has the knack of saying and focusing on the right things…………

    This is no coincidence…………

    The man is good………..

  8. When I told you that this f00l hh only wears gloves when meeting black people you thought I was been difficult. See for yourselves. Everytimr he meets whlte people has no gloves or masks.


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