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President Hichilema launches Zambia Water Investment programme


President Hakainde Hichilema has launched the Zambia Water Investment Program (ZIP) 2020-2030 that will ensure national water security and sustainable management and utilization of Zambia’s water resources for socio-economic development.

Speaking at the international high level panel on Water Investment for Africa on the sidelines of the AU summit, President Hichilema said the programme makes a game changer for Zambia’s narrative on water.

Mr. Hichilema explained that water is a key enabler of Socio-economic development and an important resource for the current and future generation.

The President added that it is gratifying to see the water sector receiving the required attention adding that with climate change, Zambia and the African continent have realized the importance of the resource.

He said climate change is real as has been seen from its impact on the water sector hence it is important that African leaders drive the agenda for economic and social development with a mindset for sustainability.

“As you may be aware we all have a responsibility to the generation that will come after us and we must pass a continent and individual countries that will sustain lives for generations to come and those that will come after them,” he said.

Mr. Hichilema called on Individuals and organisations charged with the responsibility to manage the water resources to work in harmony and coordinate in applying the best practices, to protect the sector.

And the President said investments are required in the water sector saying that it is unacceptable that the water sector is being taken for granted and takes a back row in the investment choices.

President Hichilema said Zambia and the African continent must ensure that water takes centre stage in investment decisions and that it should start at the level of political leaders to provide leadership and political will.

Speaking at the same occasion, Commissioner of the African Union for Rural Economy and Agriculture Josefa Sacko said that the transformation of water security and sanitation in Africa is important to super economic growth and prosperity of the continent.

Ms. Sacko commended Zambia for tabling the initiative on water investment program which she said is exemplary to many African countries.

She called for the need to invest in the water sector adding that the COVID19 pandemic showed the continent the importance of hygiene and sanitation towards disease prevention.

Ms. Sacko further added that the AU will support the important initiative Zambian has taken towards water investment because the water resource is cardinal in all the spheres of development.

And speaking Chief Executive Officer for African Union Development Agency (NEPAD), Nardos Thomas said water is the fundamental source of development and prosperity.

Ms. Bekele-Thomas said under the Programme for infrastructure development in Africa concerted efforts have been made to raise the profile of water infrastructure projects.

She said this is because the development of water on the African continent is a prerequisite for achieving the agenda 2063 and sustainable development goals.

Meanwhile Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte said the investment in water is important because it trickles down to all the sustainable development goals.

Mr. Rutte, who was speaking via zoom online to delegates, appealed to leaders and stakeholders on the African continent to act together and applaud the AU.

Former President of Tanzania, Jakaya Kikwete who also spoke via zoom said about 400 million Africans have no access to water and the coming together of Head of States and leaders is key to changing the narrative.

Others in attendance were Zambian Minister of Water Development Mike Mposha and President of Senegal Macky Sall and co-chair of the African Union who followed the event via zoom.


  1. All the statements are hollow as they don’t tackle the specifics. I’m left to wonder if the speakers know what they’re talking about. Let me 1st deal with the Zambian scenario. 3 items come to mind. Water for consumption, hygiene and sanitation, water for industrial use & water for farming (irrigation, fisheries & livestock). Zambia is failing on all fronts. As a business water utilities are failing to provide this important commodity. We’re failing to harvest water in Southern province for irrigation as it is left to run down stream carrying top soils with it. We have failed to harness to vast water bodies in the North for either industrial or agricultural use. We must discuss how to tackle these shortcomings and that’s what will give us a program of approach to the challenges in…

  2. At Least its a start considering it wasnt on the agenda of the last government
    Also the destuction of wetlands by councils issueing plots in them will have devasting affects in the future
    but by nature most dont care as their lives are today only and the next gerneration is of no concern

  3. #2, That’s not correct. The Mwomboshi Dam Project in Chisamba and the Kafulafuta Bulk Water Supply project in Masaiti discontinued when the current administration took office. Mwomboshi will address the irrigation question in that area while the Kafulafuta will address domestic water challenges in Masaiti, Ndola and Luanshya. So it’s not correct to state that it was on the agenda of the previous administration

  4. Guys, these speeches must be followed by action. Every week our women in rural areas are being killed by crocodiles while doing their chores in dangerous rivers. They don’t have safe drinking water, at the same time, they get hammered by crocodiles, And by the way you never hear things like crocodile cropping. Politicians would rather kill the livelyhoods of booth owners than that of the crocodiles that kill our people as a standard weekly event

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