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I’m ready for a by-election if my seat is nullified by the courts-Joseph Mulanji


Patriotic Front (PF) Kwacha Member of Parliament Joseph Mulanji has declared that he is ready for a by-election if his seat is nullified by the courts.

Mr Malanji, the former Foreign Affairs Minister, is challenging High Court judge Kazimbe Chenda’s decision to annul his election on grounds that he does not have a Grade 12 certificate.

Losing Kwacha parliamentary candidate Charles Mulenga has asked the Constitutional Court to dismiss incumbent Mr. Malanji’s appeal against the High Court’s decision to nullify his election because the plea allegedly lacks merit.

The Constitution Court is expected to decide this case this month.

Speaking when congregating at Kitwe’s Ipusukilo Catholic Church in Kwacha Constituency on Sunday, Mr. Malanji said he believes the people of Kwacha are ready for a by-election.

The MP said he has dedicated himself to serving the people of Kwacha Constituency diligently.

Mr. Malanji also highlighted some of the developmental activities he has facilitated in Kwacha Constituency since he was first elected in 2016.

“Ba munyinane mwalemona quarterly naleisa mukumitandalila nomba lelo mwalimona chiwa alipitapo pa nsansa shesu. Lelo techamutatakuya. Lesa tufwaya ulufyengo nangu panono pantu efyo icipingo chitila chita kumwinamupalano efyo wingatemwa akucitila. Bamuyinane ukukwata umutima na Lesa alasonsekelapo. Mwalishiba mu Cibemba batila ifunda talicenjela uucenjela mwine we funda. Bushe mwalimonapo saladi ileya ati ine teti njitike? Utina ukwitila salad mwine aisendele tefyo? Pantu nangu li vote line nga cakutila batila iyo seat nullified tuye ku by election bushe tatuli ready for by election? (We are ready people responds),” Mr. Malanji said.

“Ba munyinane ishi inchito mwatupela teshakuletelako amasange ni incite iikalamba sana. Ukufuma apo mwa mvotele mu 2016 intantiko ne Milimo iyo nabikile na mwebene mwalimoma ati kwena balieshako. Ilyo nalelanda ati pano pa Church umusebo ukesafika balemona abantu kwati bufi. Bushe tyre mark tayafika?Maternity tulepanga pa Ipusukilo Clinic. Nombaline twalaisaula. Ku Bulangililo has built a maternity wing if it were not for the confusion (petition issues) I would have already opened. I engaged friends. I play golf with, that here in Bulangililo and Kwacha we don’t have a filling station. Now are you not seeing the filling stations in Bulangililo and Kwacha Townships? You have seen our works here in the community. We have committed ourselves to being your servants,” Mr. Malanji said.

Mr. Malanji, who was accompanied by Kitwe Mayor Mwaya Mpasa, donated K70, 000 to the Church.

He announced that of the K70, 000 donations K50, 000 will go toward the procurement of Church pews at the Parish and K20, 000 to the Church choir.


  1. This is upnds desperate way to silence opposition and have a one party state, but they won’t manage. Africa has had way sharper and wiser leaders who failed to rule for life. Who is ka hh? He will cry in 2026. F00Iish

  2. When things start getting tough the corrupt always run to the churches to bribe them with stolen money…look at how his tone of voice has changed.

  3. As if he was using his own money but stolen money…he has no idea what it entails to be an MP…no wonder he is nicknamed Bonanza.

  4. Is he not aware that if the election is nullified on grounds of violence or bribe, he is not allowed by the constitution to be a candidate in a fresh election?
    However, seeing as his election petition concerns his educational qualification, we award to read the ConCourt judgment.
    Some of their judgement are simply comical and don’t make much sense, with the most recent publicly available case ruling that a President’s declaration doesn’t have to be made public.
    But anyways, two years, grudge ichili pali two years, tuleya tulekula ka.

  5. So when you give to the church, don’t let anyone know what you are doing. Your giving should be done in private. Your Father can see what is done in private and He will reward you (Matthew 6:3,4).
    But in politics, how will they know to vote for Bonanza if he did it in secret?

  6. No my friend Kaizar Zulu. Such criminals like Malanji must never even be allowed to stand for elections. Where did he get money from to buy helicopters. Did he also become rich from owning one cow. Come on Kaizar Zulu. One day such activities will not be watched from the road side.


  8. He is challenging High Court judge Kazimbe Chenda’s decision to annul his election on grounds that he does not have a Grade 12 certificate. kikiki!!!!
    This is interesting so he now has the grade 12 certificate after all – from where now???. He has turned the clock to the time when he should have had the Grade 12 certificate. This kind of arrogance is dangerous. As the chief looter said these chaps still have influence and can do anything to protect their loot.

  9. Seems there is something he knows he missed when filing that’s why he is preparing for a by election otherwise if he is so sure he did everything by the book why should he be worried.

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