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Doctor embarks on a lone “Alcohol Ban” walk from Lusaka to Kabwe


Residents Doctors Association of Zambia President Dr. Brian Chota Sampa has embarked on a lone “Alcohol Ban” walk from Lusaka to Kabwe as a protest to have the government ban alcohol.

Dr. Sampa began his walk today Wednesday 20th July, 2022 at 05:00 hours.

Dr. Sampa highlighted that this is a walk to sovereignty seeing that alcohol has destroyed a lot of lives and it is wise that people are sensitized on the dangers of alcohol and the government is pursued to ban alcohol.

The aim of the ban alcohol movement is to protect the country from a lot of atrocities that come because of alcohol, Dr Sampa cited this during a live Facebook Video this morning.

“From diseases such as liver disease, the rise in HIV cases, Gender Based Violence, road traffic accidents, failed marriages and divorces and so many other problems,” he said

Dr. Sampa added that these are the things that made him move with the notion of banning alcohol, as they are a lot of examples of countries that have banned alcohol and they are doing much better.

He has since urged the government to ban alcohol as it is the only way to prosperity, and the nation will develop.

“I urge everyone to follow us in solidarity as we start this move to Kabwe,” he said

Dr. Sampa has been aggressive on his social media feeds calling for an alcohol ban in Zambia.


  1. If you cannot handle alcohol then quit, but don’t force us, who can manage to drink and work, to quit drinking just because you are a weak person. Fuseke. He is a upnd cadre

    • A upnd doctor. I pay my taxes so that people like him cna take care of me even where my illness is caused by drinking

  2. Ba Doctor,this is NOT feasible…. you should campaign against excessive alcohol consumption and a lot of people including the Govt will wholeheartedly support you………it is citizens’s right to drink,though in moderation as the only caveat here.

    Even in dictatorships or totalitarian states,they have NEVER banned alcohol…. so this whole thing is an exercise in futility Doc !!

  3. Dr Sampa you’re wasting valuable time cos what you’re asking for can’t happen. Unless you make a plan: Leave Zambia and go settle in Saudi Arabia. While there befriend the king. Then convince him to invade Zambia. After Saudi Arabia defeats us there will be no alcohol sold in Zed

  4. More pipo are being killed especially women due to adultery than those dying frm alcohol. In zambia 90% of maried women hav boyfrends..Doc ,Yo next walk to save lives shd be for maried women to leave sex work to single ladies..

  5. Surely he knows this is a fruitless endeavor. Kaunda at one time said he would resign if Zambians continued to drink like this. They continued

  6. He is aware that an outright ban is impossible, too many profits being made from alcohol sales.
    If he undertook this walk and called it alcohol abuse awareness, it wouldn’t have made news at all.
    It’s a clever name for the walk and it will draw the attention of the public. I heard him on radio this morning discussing this walk and what it is about.
    We certainly need to raise awareness on alcohol abuse, it’s as bad as tobacco on the national healthcare system.
    Save lives!

  7. Does this Doctor Know how much tax the Zambia Breweries contribute the Goverment Treasury?, Beer Busines is second to Copper

    • Electricity export has been number 1 for almost 40 years. Copper has a huge gross income, but even when Zambia mines sent out $10 billion worth of copper a year, the country received only about $30 million in profit… do not ask me why… But the privatisation of the copper mines is reason number 1

    • Why don’t the Breweries ask for tax breaks? They deserve it after contributing so much to our treasury

  8. A noble act! Only a wretched alcoholic would find this disagreeable. From the number of perpetually drank young men I have seen in Lusaka, there is, obviously, a huge problem of alcohol consumption;….yet there are no rehabs.

    When you allow several beer outlets per square km, match them with treatment centers. Otherwise, expect a time bomb of alcoholism along with related liver cirrhosis & cognitive dysfunction!

  9. Has this doctor ever head of prohibition? Prohibition in the United States was a nationwide constitutional ban on the production, importation, transportation, and sale of alcoholic beverages from 1920 to 1933. It had a lot of unintended consequences. One of them was bootlegging that produced criminals like Al Capone.

  10. It sounds crazy but it’s the truth. Alcohol has created many useless individuals. Just look at the havoc that tujlijili caused? Some people can’t think on their own

  11. I have always wondered why some contributors to this site always use insulting terms.
    I wish we could have constructive views shared.

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