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Choma Businessman guns down colleague,himself


A Choma based businessman has allegedly shot dead a fellow businessman, before turning the gun on himself.

The incident happened last evening around 19 hours, in the Central Business District of Choma, Southern province.

Rodger Hachikosela, owner of Happy Investments, shot dead Billy Munsaka , owner of Biltrex, before shooting himself in the head.

Police Spokesperson,Rae Hamoonga  has confirmed the shootings  in Lusaka today.

Mr Hamoonga said Mr Hachikosela shot Mr Munsaka, as he was about to get into his vehicle, after closing his shop.

He explained that Mr Hachikosela approached Mr Munsaka and shot him in the head, and later killed himself.

The motive of the shooting has not yet been established, but police understand that the two were not on talking terms for some time, despite being neighbours in business.

Mr. Hamoonga  says police are investigating the matter.

However, Talent Samba, who is nephew to late Munsanka and witnessed the ordeal  said the incident occurred around 19:00 hours on Wednesday outside his shop.

Samba  disclosed that Munsanka was attempting to reverse his vehicle after locking his shop, when Happy Hachikosela, Happy Investments’ owner walked over to Munsaka’s vehicle and shot him three times in the head.

He revealed that he also ran for his life after Hachikosela also shot at him as he attempted to rescue his uncle who was later rushed to Choma General Hospital.

One of Munsanka’s employees, Admor Simwambo said the two were seemingly on good terms as he never noticed anything suspicious.

The bodies of the two businessmen have since been deposited in Choma Hospital.


    • You PF thieves miss all the money you were stealing. You are rejects & PF will never rule zambia again.

  1. @ K, Zulu – Few days ago, you wrongly accused me of prioritising planting trees over the death of a child. I found this a bit rich coming from a guy who is permanently trivialising serious matters to score points with UPND. In this instance, people have died; and regardless of political party affiliation, they are humans just like you, and were loved by their families. Yet all you can think of, is score stupid points! Heartless, isn’t it? Can you pinpoint exactly when your soul withered and died? You’re truly incorrigible!

    • Zennia you are a naive punk who has spent almost your entire life in diaspora, so you have no clue about what is happening here. I know these people and know what parry they supported and what they deal in. There is a difference between posting silly “plant a tree ” comments on an article informing us on the death of young children and on one about thugs that I know. How old are you? Fuseke!

  2. Lusaka Times, please either moderate KZ or ban him off your site. When is too much?

    This kind of irresponsibility is dangerous on his and your part.

    • Iwe k0lokombwa you have been on this site for two minutes and you think you know everything. I know you are upset about rhe response you got to your misplaced comment on a wrong article. You were told off now you taking it out on me..I have been blogging here for years so why should I be banned all because a kimbo like you says so? Fuseke!

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