Friday, June 21, 2024

Govt to soon announce successful bidder for the Ndola- Lusaka highway


Government says it will soon announce the successful bidder  awarded to work on the Ndola -Lusaka Road, and two major roads in Luanshya district.

The development follows the shortlisting of eligible applicants following an advertisement under the private public partnership where the final bidder will soon be announced.

ZANIS reports that Copperbelt Province Minister Elisha Matambo says the Ndola-Lusaka Road works will be extended to Luanshya district which will see the Luanshya- Masangano and the Luanshya- Fisenge roads get a face left.

“ The road works will be implemented at a reasonable rate unlike the previous government that quoted the works at $1,3 billion, “ he said.

In a related development, the Luanshya Municipal council will soon commence rehabilitating the infamous H-Figov road in the central business district at an estimated cost of K 4 million

Luanshya mayor Charles Mulenga disclosed that the local authority has already secured K1.5 million from the ward development funds and will begin the rehabilitation works.

“ The rehabilitation works will also include the replacing and repairing of streetlights in the central business district which will come at a separate cost, “Mr. Mulenga said.

He assured Luanshya residents that the council will ensure that the road works were completed before the onset of the rains.

The local authority is upgrading roads and clearing drainages in Kamirenda township and other parts of the district that were flood prone during the last rainy season.

Mr. Mulenga said the initiative to clear roads and drainages before the onset of the rains was taken as a proactive approach to abet flooding of the roads and houses.


  1. Don’t waste our time, just announce the name of that upnd monkey you have given it to even though my cousin was the best bidder.

    • UPND is not like your PF where you would meet a contractor in a pub or brothel then BOOM… they are given a contract. Tone down Mr. imposter and face the reality. You lost and never will you again step your dirty toes in the state house premises. Your party was a criminal gangster organization and the people rejected your mediocrity through the ballot.


  2. Great news !! but the rains will be upon us again in the next 4 months…this project is long overdue.
    Could we try building this major artery using concrete,as suggested by Bally…. it will last much longer considering it is used mainly by heavy trucks hauling copper and other goods….we have enough cement and this route will encourage the cement producers to expand their factories…. creating more jobs for our citizens…

  3. The bypass via Luanshya is also a great idea….No need for all the traffic to pass through Ndola…just lengthens the journey for traffic bound for Kitwe,Chingola,Chililabombwe and the North Western Province… Let us get this done !!

  4. I love the methodical approach of UPND. Transparency is their banner mwati ni ba ubomba mwiibala alya mwiibala!!

  5. I am always uncomfortable with this time frame called soon. And I hear it a lot in parliament as well. Give us atleast the month if you don’t have the date. This soon thing is mostly associated with poor planning but also too African, in developed countries where planning and execution is professional, you can even get the date and not the soon

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