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Ndola High Court has hears how a House-wife was involved in the murder of husband


The Ndola High Court has heard how a house-wife of Luanshya on the Copperbelt conspired with another man to allegedly murder her husband.

This is in a case in which Prudence Daka and Stanley Mutimba are charged with murdering Clarence Zulu last year.

Mutimba dumped the deceased’s body in the bush and went away with his vehicle.

According to Luanshya District police officer-in-charge Mukololo Mangelele, on August 29 last year, he received a call from Masala Police Station in Ndola that officers had apprehended Mutimba, of Lubuto Township, for a road traffic accident offence.

“I was told that the suspect was driving a Toyota Axio,” he said.

Mr Mangelele said after apprehending Mutimba and inspected the vehicle, they found what appeared like human blood inside the vehicle.

He said the vehicle was registered in the name of Clarence Chileshe Zulu of Luanshya.

“I, together with other officers made a follow up to Luanshya at Mr Zulu’s place, where I found Veronica Daka who confirmed to me that the owner of the house was Mr Zulu, who was also the owner of the vehicle. She also introduced her elder sister, Prudence Daka, the wife to Mr Zulu. She however told us that her sister was not around. After I informed the detective about what we found, he also informed me that Mutimba had opened up to officers during interviews and that he led officers where the body of Mr Zulu was dumped,” he said.

And crime scene officer inspector Grace Kalaba narrated how she received information of murder and that the suspect was willing to lead officers to where the offence was committed.

“I organised myself by carrying a police camera. The suspects led us to the Luanshya-Fisenge road where the suspect pointed at the body. I then physically inspected the body and saw two deep cuts and strings on the neck. I saw bruises on the left arm, on the waist and legs. The body was picked and deposited at Roan General Hospital mortuary,” she said.

Mrs Kalaba said after postmortem at the mortuary, she took pictures of the deceased.

“After postmortem, we were told the cause of death was due to excessive bleeding,” she said.

She said after taking pictures of the deceased in the mortuary, she was informed that there was a motor vehicle which had human-like blood.

Mrs Kalaba said she then swabbed and subjected both the blood from the deceased and from the vehicle for DNA analysis.

She said during the investigation, Mutimba said he was given the vehicle by a lady.

The matter has been adjourned to August 12.


  1. Very sad to lose a fellow Zulu. That woman is likely a upnd thug who was trying to get our brothers resources by killing him. Can she and her ugly boyfriend be sentenced to hanging by death

  2. This cosmetic venture has animal and human conflict written allover. Please find land elsewhere or upgrade the existing Livingstone golf course.

    Or you will hear from elephants whose home/ paths you are messing with.

    NAPSA management you seem to have quite some questionable ventures. Iam golf buff but not this.

    Please talk to me for real sustainable and viable ventures.

    Kaemba Mwale BA BSc MA- Green Growth cum Development Strategist (0972345996)

  3. This case could be over in two weeks, but Zambian court officials are just out of this world. Adjournments are the order of the day.

  4. This is very sad the bi*ch in this story is ungrateful so Baguy be very careful na ma shawty.. nowadays guys are rushing to marry just because the bi*ch is cute has a small waist and a fine a*s not on the basis of good character . Lets go for women who will care about our welfare..

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