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The over 30,000 teachers recently recruited advised to be dedicated to work


Ndola-based clergy Rev. Charles Ngoma has advised the over 30,000 teachers recently recruited by the Government to be dedicated to work as they go to their respective new schools.

Rev. Ngoma of the Reformed Church in Zambia (RCZ)– Masala Congregation said new teachers should be seen helping to improve the pass rate of learners in the education sector.

He said time for honey noon among the over 30, 000 teachers is over because serious business awaits them in schools.

Rev. Ngoma further saluted the Government for engaging the new teachers.

“I want to thank the Government of the day for the good job well done. The recruitment of 30 thousand teachers deserves to be commended. The recruitment of 30496 can be termed as a morale booster in the education sector that works well with the introduction of free education in schools. This is a commendable job; we really need to commend the New Dawn government of President Hakainde Hichilema. We need to support and work with the government of the day in implementing such huge tasks. This is the way to go for the government. It is important to note that the 50-50 gender policy is coming into reality as you can see almost 59% of the teachers recruited were female and the rest are male. This is good and it should be recommended,” Rev. Ngoma said.

“We want to wish the newly recruited and deployed teachers God’s blessings and to encourage them that they should go out and deliver to the well being of this country Zambia. So that we can have more teachers in future from their contribution. It is not a time to go for luxury but a time for work. It is time for serious business. Once they go to their respective stations, we want to encourage them to go and work and deliver to the best of their ability. We need our pupils to go back to the 100% pass rate as a nation,” he said.

Rev. Ngoma also encouraged the teachers left out in the ended recruitment programme not to give up.

“To those that have not been considered in the ended first phase recruitment programme, not all hope is lost. The scripture says ‘No matter how many years it will take, it shall surely come to pass’ and so I want to encourage you not to give up. Again when the government starts recruiting teachers let us apply so that we can be considered in the second phase,” he said.

Meanwhile, Rev. Ngoma said people are now looking forward to the publishing of names for the recruited 11,000 health workers.

He hoped that besides the planned 11,000 workers the Government could recruit more.

“We are now looking forward to seeing the names of recruited health workers from the Ministry of Health soon. I hope and trust and my hope is that we may also have additional health workers from the 11,000 just like we have seen from the teacher recruitment. My plea is that more names should be added to the 11,000 and so the health workers don’t panic. Don’t even think of killing yourself if you are not considered. Remember, there is still tomorrow, you can be considered. Never give up. God bless you,” Rev. Ngoma added.


  1. First pay them then demand that they are dedicated. If you are failing to pay council workers, I cannot wait to see how you will pay all those teachers on time. We will see

  2. They still haven’t said how they will pay them since their salaries are not included in this year’s budget. Fake promises have eroded peoples confidence in these big political announcements. Don’t quite your side hassle thinking money will be in your pockets soon. Even ZRA collections it seems are cooked numbers.

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