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Multi-sectoral approach needed as Zambia battles against climate change


Copperbelt-based civil society organization Break the Silence has observed that a multi-sectoral approach is needed as Zambia battles against climate change.

Break the Silence Chief Executive Director Richard Mweetwa said the rate at which the earth is being destroyed by human activities such as pollution to the environment was alarming.

Mr. Mweetwa said massive tree planting is also needed in a bid to preserve the environment.

He revealed that Break the Silence has partnered with the Ministry of Education on the Copperbelt to plant 30, 000 trees in schools and colleges by December this year.

Mr. Mweetwa said Break the Silence will extend the tree planting exercise to Central, Lusaka and Southern Provinces.

He also called for conceited efforts in arresting challenges of environmental degradation.

“Break the Silence Civil Society Organization of Zambia is concerned at the rate at which our earth is being destroyed by human’s activities like gas emissions from homes, mines, industries and wild fires currently in Europe. Scientists predict that the earth will be 10% warmer this year than usual. It is for this reason why our organization has chosen to partner with different categories of stakeholders like the Ministry of Education on the Copperbelt in all public schools and colleges in planting about 30,000 agro forest trees or fruit trees in December,” Mr. Mweetwa said.

“We wish to extend this exercise in Central Lusaka and Southern provinces and we are calling on all well wishers, be it at individual level, companies both in the private and public sector to get involved by partnering with our organization and purchase some tree plants for onward planting. Remember the fight against climate change is not for the government alone but for everyone because we are all affected in one way or another,” Mr. Mweetwa said.

Mr. Mweetwa highlighted the impact of environmental degradation on human beings.

“For instance air pollution is a global problem, areas far from polluting activity may be adversely impacted as atmospheric circulation moves pollutants freely without regards to political or other based boundaries. In addition to the very serious human health consequences of air pollution, the interaction of pollutants with each other or with natural atmospheric constituents such as water vapor may create derivative pollutants highly damaging to vegetation, surface, groundwater and structures. Among these secondary agents is the acid rain that is the second of the recent trio of environmental concerns,” he said.

“The earth needs healing by planting more trees, the agro trees we intend to plant. We see pupils and all of us benefiting from fruits, shelter, oxygen, absorption of carbon dioxide to reduce global warming, trees are natural windbreakers, and help in the formation of rains from transpiration. Helps preserve thousands if not millions of biodiversity among many other benefits of trees. It is for this reason why we are calling on all individuals, well wishers, cooperating partners, institutions both local and international to partner with us to make this dream a reality,” Mr. Mweetwa said.


  1. Mr. Mweetwa,
    Thank you for breaking the silence, little late but great decision.

    Zambian’s setalite pictures of our depleted forest are depressing. You are a real tree hugger. We have a real deforestation emergency and we don’t know it.

    We need a national afforestation blitz involving all the constituents.

    Let’s talk collaboratoration.
    Kaemba Mwale BA, BSc MA-Green Growth Strategist. ‘ Treee Hugger’
    0972345996 mobile/ WhatsApp

  2. We warned about indiscriminate cutting down of trees but due to our selfishness and get rich quick mentality, Zambia is at risk of depleting it’s valuable God given resources.

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