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Police in Kitwe Arrest UPND Cadre who disrupted Joseph Malanji’s donations meeting


Police in Kitwe have arrested youth chairman for United Party for National Development ( UPND) Lingo Nyirenda,46, suspected to have smashed a wind screen to two of the cars at Bulangililo clinic.

This was when Kwacha Constituency Member of Parliament, Joseph Malanji was donating accessories and furniture to the facility early this week.

Copperbelt Police Commanding Officer, Sharon Zulu has confirmed the arrest adding that Nyirenda in Kwacha Constituency has been arrested for malicious damage.

She said the suspect is expected to appear in court soon to answer for the charges. It is alleged that the suspect, upon noticing that Mr. Malanji was in the constituency to make a donation worth K130 , 000 to Bulangililo clinic , mobilised youths who started throwing missiles at the gathering.

Two vehicles belonging to Bulangililo clinic Sister-in-Charge and the Constituency Chairman for Patriotic Front ( PF) had their wind screens shattered, in the process.

“Be informed that Riverside Police Station has arrested one suspect Lingo Nyirenda aged 46, of Chief Magodi, District Lundazi also a UPND Kwacha Constituency Youth Chairman of house No. 277 Bulangililo T/ship The same will appear in court soon,” she said.

Some of the damage caused by UPND Cadres

Ms. Zulu added that two women have also been arrested taking the total number of suspects to three and all them will appear in court by Wednesday next week.

In her press statement on Wednesday , Ms Zulu warned she will not tolerate lawlessness in province and that anyone perpetuating it will be dealt with.

Equally , UPND spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa yesterday reiterated President Hakainde Hichilema’s recent warning that any UPND member risks standing and facing the law alone if he or she breaks the law.


  1. Law and order will catchup with a lot of people. Well done to the police. It’s time we recognised that we are all Zambian regardless of political affiliation. Arrest him and let him do time and pay for damages.

  2. Fake he will be in police cells for two day after that upnd government will make sure he is free…mark my words.

  3. How can you live 1000km away from your constituency?
    “Lingo Nyirenda aged 46, of Chief Magodi, District Lundazi also a UPND Kwacha Constituency Youth Chairman of house No. 277 Bulangililo T/ship”

  4. I am at chita Lodge heavy in whisky. Let these upnd cadres come here and cause confusion. I have my revolver and gold pistol on me. Bang bang!

    • We had to pressure them into action. In fact this includes actual bodily injuries inflicted on those present. The police knew about it and didn’t act until pressure was mounted. Let’s hope they are not going to be pressured into releasing….if that happens jail won’t have enough room for the protestors.

    • You must be greatfull the police acted to arrest them…………

      Under PF it was the complainants who got arrested…

      Who ever went to the police to lodge a case against PF caders got arrested instead……..

  5. Kudos to the police for arresting these lawbreakers. There’s no place for hooliganism and anarchy in our country. Respect other people and their property, even if you don’t agree with their political stance. Thuggish behavior will not be tolerated in Zambia. Give them 5 years each behind bars.

  6. PF cadre masquerading as UPND trying to mess up the FORWARD image…arrest him n throw away the keys.

  7. He was not alone. Arrest his accomplices also and keep the public informed on the progress of this case until eventual outcome in court. We don’t want to see window dressing.

  8. The praise singers always mascalled their thugs as PF whenever they show up their ugly heads. This shallow thinking is eveident in some blogs above. A criminal is a criminal whethe PF or UPND. Hakainde when in opposition lamented about hooliganism and thugery but conceded that they also had them. So what are the praise singers talking about when their thugs are apprehended by police under pressure from the public?

    • Things have changed……….

      Under PF it was milanji and all who got injured who could have been arrested and charged……….

      Count yourselves very lucky…….

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