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Kasama council approves CDF for beneficiaries


Kasama Mayor Theresa Kolala has disclosed that the government has approved the boarding schools funds and the skills development component under the 2022 Constituency Development Funds (CDF).

Speaking during the full council meeting in Kasama today, Mrs. Kolala said five hundred and eighty one students (581) have benefited from the skills development fund in Lukashya Constituency at a cost of One Million Five Hundred and Eighty Seven Thousand Five hundred and Thirty Kwacha.

She adds that sixty nine (69) students have benefited from the boarding school fees at a total cost of One Hundred and Thirty Nine Thousand One Hundred Kwacha (K139, 100.00).

Mrs Kolala said six hundred and forty one(641) students have benefited from the skills development fund under Kasama Central Constituency at a cost of one million seven hundred and eighty two thousand six hundred and seventy one kwacha (K1,782,671.00).

She stated that eighty four (84) beneficiaries in Kasama Central have also benefited under boarding school fees at a total cost of one hundred and sixty nine thousand five hundred kwacha (K169,500).

Meanwhile, Mrs Kolala has appealed to the government to quicken the process of increasing personal emoluments for the Councillors.

“The economy is not favorable for the councillors at the moment due to the increase in the costs of many products on the market,” she said.

She said councillors have a mammoth task to monitor ongoing projects in their vast wards and as such require enough funds for such undertakings.

Meanwhile, Mrs Kolala informed the councillors that her office visited Nkole Mfumu to inspect Council houses where it was discovered that the infrastructure is in bad state.

She bemoaned the poor state of the council houses which are being occupied by some government officers.

She said the local authority is in need of revenue which could be collected from the very houses if they were well maintained.

She has since instructed the town clerk to ensure that the local authority takes full stock of all local authority properties so that it is secured.

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