Saturday, July 13, 2024

Lions escape unfenced North Luangwa Park, cause havoc in Isoka villages


Stray Lions have continued terrorizing Isoka residents in Muchinga Province for nearly three months now .

And Principal Wildlife Police Andrew Mvula has revealed that two(2) Goats , one (1)Pig and a dog were killed last night in Mwenikombe village.

Isoka District Commissioner Collins Sichivula said this today when Zambia Wildlife Police officers paid a courtesy call on him at his office.

Mr. Sichivula said the lions have caused havoc in the district by killing livestock and a human being.

He has appealed to the Ministry of Tourism and Arts to send more wildlife Police officers to the area to control the beasts.

The DC disclosed that so far 20 domestic animals have been killed and one human being eaten up by the suspected stray lions in Isoka.

He added that residents are now living in fear and stopped harvesting their crops in the fields in fear of being attacked by the lions.

Mr Mvula warned residents to be alert and report to the district commissioner’s office if they come across the lions or hear them roaring.

He assured the villagers that the lions will be controlled.

The lions are suspected to have come from the North Luangwa National Park that is not fenced on its boundaries which also covers eastern of Isoka Luangwa valley area .


  1. This is just simple basic game management needed here..what is wrong with ZAWA? We will keep hearing such news until the park is leased off to Africa Parks for 30 years….govt needs to invest a little bit more in Wildlife stop being lazy and leasing off our resources. Why dont you form a trust funded by National Lottery for such programs?

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