Chief Mukupa pleads for development

FILE: UPND president Hakainde Hichilema when he paid a courtesy call on Chieftainess Kaputa

Chief Mukupa Katandula of the Tabwa people of Kaputa District in Northern Province has appealed to government to consider taking development to his chiefdom.

The traditional leader says this will help the government achieve its goal of developing the Kaputa district as a whole.

He said people in his chiefdom are facing a number of challenges such as poor road network which has prevented farmers from increasing crops production.

Chief Mukupa Katandula said he is ready to partner with government to ensure that development is seen in the àrea.

“Farmers in my chiefdom cannot even grow more crops because of the state of the road, we want a good road so that we can produce more,” said Chief Mukupa Katandula.

The traditional leader has also called on education authorities in Kaputa district to take advantage of the newly recruited teachers to send them to schools in remote places like Mukupa Katandula so that they have more trained teachers.

Chief Mukupa Katandula said the coming of the free education policy has led to an increase in the number of children attending school stating that this should be tackled by the coming of the newly recruited teachers.

“We thank the New Dawn government for introducing free education; we hope that some of the newly recruited teachers will be brought to my chiefdom” he said.

He however lamented that it is difficult for his people to access health services in Kaputa Boma which is almost 150 kilometers away because the health posts in Mukupa Katandula have no vehicle and entirely depend on transport from Kaputa district hospital.

The chief added that because of the distance and the bad road network leading to his chiefdom, people have serious challenges ferrying the sick to the hospital.

The traditional leader has also appealed to government to help build a palace for him, saying the current one is dilapidated.

And Kaputa District Commissioner, Cosmas Mwaya has assured Chief Mukupa Katandula and the people of Kaputa that government is on course to take development to all corners of the district.

He revealed that government is currently working on modalities to construct the long-awaited road from Nchelenge via Mununga, passing through Kaputa, Nsama up to Mporokoso.

Mr. Mwaya further said the new dawn government will ensure that the 229 teachers allocated for Kaputa district are evenly distributed to all schools including schools that are located in remote areas.

He said it is the desire of government to see that children have access to quality education, and that is why they introduced the free education policy and now has employed more than 30,000 teachers in order to actualise that policy.


  1. We warned people about hh and his tribal party. Only their strongholds like southern and western will see any development. The rest, wait for 2026 and vote pf. Wako ni wako

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