Second gentleman Max Nalumango advises the Church to reclaim its prophetic voice


Second gentleman Max Nalumango has advised the church to reclaim its prophetic voice in offering good counsel to the nation.

Bishop Nalumango observes that the Church has lost its respect because it had mishandled and forgone its prophetic role in the recent past.

Stressing that church needs to reclaim its role in society by separating itself from the world, the Clergyman noted that it is saddening that while hatred and division thrived in the country, the Church is currently taking political sides thereby failing its role to counsel politicians and the citizenry at large.

He said this at Oasis of Love Church in Kitwe when he addressed Christians and the clergy from Kitwe Pastor’s Fellowship.

“The state of every nation reflects the spiritual condition of the church, if the Church takes its rightful place some of the things
happening in our nation would not happen,” he said.

He reasoned that for the church to reclaim its position, it needs to separate itself from the world just like God separated light from

On the increasing incidences of suicide in the country, the second man advised the church to play its indelible role and mandate of giving hope to the hopeless, if suicide cases may be avoided.

“We are living in a country where the divorce rate is so high, including among the clergy, there are so many economic issues and one
wonders where the voice of the church is when all this is happening,” Bishop Nalumango said.

He said the church leaders should always bear in mind that the pastors’ mandate is heavenly while the politicians’ mandate is for
five years hence the need for the clergy not to reduce themselves to the politicians’ level.

Bishop Nalumango urged the church should go back to its mandate of praying and providing counsel to the nation.

The country has in recent times undergone sporadic incidences of suicide with Lusaka, Kitwe, Kalulushi, and Kabwe recording the highest in the first quarter of 2022.

Minister of Health Sylvia Masebo attributed the spate of suicide cases recorded in the country recently to mental ill-health.

Earlier, Kitwe Pastors Fellowship Chairman Bishop Raddy Lewila said the Kitwe clergy will support the revival of the prayer networks
to ensure that the church reclaims its rightful position and help to re-unite the country.

Bishop Lewila said the Kitwe fellowship will soon announce the commencement of various activities to ensure that the revival prayers
Networks are successful.


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    • That’s what is going on in my mind. What is prophetic voice? This message from Pentecostalism it’s really confusing not only to their followers but also to outsiders. Why can he just say biblical guidance or spiritual guidance. The problem with Pentecostalism messages they always want to show ifi pampisho “Miracles”.

  2. Church leaders have NOT been elected in any election, and therefore the church should NOT be allowed to have a voice in politics. Like you see Nevers Mumba all the time, he got 0.00001% of the votes last year, so the president should NOT lend him his ear.

  3. The church is lost cause. Church leaders have failed lamentably to change the lives of their followers. Every sunday or saturday 90% Zambians flock to churches to hear the teachings of priests, bishops, apostles pastors, deacons , prophets and many other liars. They may be catholics, Adventists, anglicans, Methodists , pentecostals and others. After leaving church , the same adventists, catholics, methodists, pentecosts remove their gowns and put on new gowns and become PF, UPND, DP , MDC, Women’s lobby, and other NGOs. In these new gowns, they start insulting each other, fighting , taking each other to courts and prisons using pangas to hack each other. They cease to be Christians and wear gowns of being tongas, Bembas, lozis, kaondes, chewas, ngonis and other tribal…


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