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Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises urged to be more responsive


The Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises should be more responsive to the needs of the Small and Medium Entrepreneurs throughout the country, a Kitwe business consultant.

Mr Lameck Kashiwa , who is also Alliance for Zambia Informal Economy Association (AZIEA) General Secretary, says there is need for the SME ministry to be more responsive to the needs of the entrepreneurs in the country if it is to serve its purpose.

Mr. Kashiwa in an interview said his association has in the recent past suggested approaches that can help to address the challenges of the SMEs , but the Ministry has paid a deaf ear.

“We are a very committed association in the informal business which would want to help government improve the status of people in informal business, our people are working hard and when we are seeking to get clarification on things that may not be of help to the informal economy, the Ministry is very quiet,” He bemoaned.

He called on the Ministry to develop a directory that will specifically look at the informal economy.

He also called on government to decentralize the Ministry by opening officers in districts so that the Ministry gets closer to its beneficiaries in the peripherals.

And Mr. Kashiwa has stated that following the recent directive by President Hakainde Hichilema to Minister of Local government to address bottle necks to the process , accessing the Constituency Development Funds (CDF) by small scale entrepreneurs has markedly improved.

A good number of his members have so far successfully applied for the constituency Development Funds although they are yet to receive the funds.

He said the applicants are hopeful that there will be transparency in the selection process just as it was under the teacher recruitment process which he said was very transparent and fair.

He has however urged applicants to the CDF to follow the process so that they are not disadvantaged by any technicalities.
He also urged government to continue monitoring the process and make adjustments where appropriate until the objective of increased and decentralized CDF, of taking money to all citizens including those in rural areas is achieved.


  1. This ministry has a website requesting for questions comments to be sent in by email. I have sent in TWELVE separate requests in two months time. You will not be surprised that in good Zambian fashion I have not received any response whatsoever. Typical Zambian!

  2. Less than a year in power and they are already sleeping. A team is a reflection of its leader aka hh

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