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HH’s Dogs Bite Esther Lungu– Is “Ubututu” a Factor?


By Kapya Kaoma

If you’re like me, you have a big reason to support President HH–his dogs (Anti Corruption Commission and Drug Enforcement Commission) are shamelessly swinging their tails at their biggest catch–Former First Lady Esther Lungu. For so long, in deep darkness these naked dogs dwelt until Bally gave them human meat–his political opponents. Didn’t the ACC/DEC question Esther Lungu when her husband was in POWER? Of course, they did, but as Lungu’s pets. Now it’s HH turn to command these dogs. When he shouts, “Kawalala,” his dogs run without asking why! Well if Bally’s dogs want to bite him, they are free to do so. The only problem is that they must report their catch back to Bally himself. And who bites the finger that feeds him?

The impounding of 15 Flats belonging to Former First Lady Esther Lungu is commendable. Only a foolish person can believe that someone who lived free on taxpayers’ cost for 7 years, married to a Cabinet Minister, and a professional lawyer for many years could build 15 Flats in Lusaka. Is it not long ago that corrupt PF failed to solve the mystery of 48 houses? Our President solved it–the nephew of his Finance Minister is the owner.

Despite allegedly being linked to obscene videos, we still have great respect for Madam Mary Chirwa, the Director General of Drug Enforcement Commission. Bally only picks the best. Who can question her integrity? She is not compromised to head DEC at all. Her ethical statement on the impounded vehicles in Lusaka, and Mrs. Lungu’s Flats was exceptionally sound. Aside from our Bally, nobody else could own a Lexus, Benz and Land Cruisers. The same with 15 Flats–the age of “cliques of thieves” is gone! Bally’s dogs should hunt them down.

Moreover, the 2.8 should report any neighbor who buys an expensive car to the ACC/DEC–aren’t they products of crimes? I don’t believe like Nakachinda that President HH’s “ubututu” makes him believe that he is the only person to exploit business opportunities in Zambia. On the contrary, he is the only Zambian to make it in the world of business.

That’s why his dogs must investigate South African businessman James Ndambo too. We only and only have one billionaire–Bally. If Ndambo wants to compete with our President, his dogs must bite. The Ndambo game is simple; win the hearts of poor Zambians with his millions or billions of dollars (for who knows how much is worth) to demean the most generous Bally. HH’s dogs must bite him–for only our President is entitled to build a mansion worth millions of dollars and possess high-end vehicles. As her honor the Vice President Nalumango told Parliament, President HH was a billionaire long before becoming President–thus to ask questions about his business practices is morally wrong.

I don’t believe Madam Lungu seized an opportunity to make money as First Lady at all. Who doesn’t know she is so kind as to do that which Bally did in a poor nation like ours? The same with Ndambo–who can outsmart Bally? President HH made money by selling government assets under President Chiluba. And who doesn’t know how clean the privatization process was? The clean President FTJ Chiluba, whose legacy our Bally recently praised can testify from the grave. As masses died and lost life-time savings, our President HH made money on their graves. For who becomes rich by feeling the pain of the poor? Only Bally, whose riches have been obtained on the graves of the masses. His businesses, business partners, and companies he holds shares in, are in the public domain.

I am upset that Ndambo wants to dethrone the President in Choma. Why go to Choma, the very stronghold of our clean President? President HH shouldn’t ignore this “South African businessman”. After all, is he not the only and only person who understands the world of business. Put Ndambo where he belongs–in prison or better send him into exile for eternity. Let your dogs prove the source of his wealth. Didn’t they just do so to you, and your clean UPND cadres? Zambians chose you for a reason–to make corruption history as long as it doesn’t affect you, my beloved President.

President HH, you know the tricks of the business, and now the tricks of power. Let pets bite Esther Lungu, bankrupt your opponents until you’re out of power. Then you, your family, and your dogs will join the dance as new dogs swing their tails to the new owner! It is the fight against corruption.

As Bembas say, akatanshi takalisha!


  1. Imagination clouded with envy. You will die of BP because of your hatred. Do something useful in your spare time and you will live a comfortable life.

  2. Eeeh i think this guy lives in the very rural part of zambia were people don’t build mansion, find time came to lusaka walk around in places we call mu ma yard and see how people are putting up flats and very expensive flats, places like rhode park, kabulonga, roma , chalala, etc people you seem to have no clue about now a wife of a former republican president just tuma flats ati away. that is why Zambia cant develop. not long ago they was talk of forest chakuti all we saw was a demolition of clay houses of the very poor and you are busy yahyahyahyahyah as much as we support the fight against corruption dont make it look like only a section of people are corrupted it has to be across the board, investigate all mansions owners.

  3. Kapya Kaoma has a smart way of advancing scornful comments on HH’s belief that he is the only Zambian who must be considered rich in this country. Other rich business persons, such as James Ndambo, Joseph Malanji, etc, must be subjected to investigation by DEC and ACC for being rich – through proceeds of crime. We are evolving an interesting scenario that will see Zambia establishing a Zondo-like Commission of Inquiry after 2026.

  4. So many things jumbled up, hard to pinpoint the irony, the jokes (if any), the serious parts and ultimately the article isn’t saying anything.
    I read Kaoma’s work selectively, this is one I shouldn’t have bothered to finish.

  5. Kapya Kaoma has depicted the happening in Zambia very well as it relates to the fight against corruption.

  6. There is no problem if the wife of a former President administer owns 15 flats……….

    Just show us tax recites and the money trail………………

    Everyone is supposed to pay tax……….

  7. GRZ entanglement with the patriotic front is mind-bending to come up with proof of the two function. Is GRZ encouraging political parties to pathological politics or confirmation bias?

    Reading this article is very hard to entertain reading about our past chief in command.


    • I am as normal as they come. Only a lunatic can see abnormality in pointing out things that we all know are happening. Come here I teach you some manners

    • Kaizar Zulu is a very uneducated thug, thief … that’s why he only writes insults. He will get it soon, he thinks his terrorization of Zambians has been forgotten. He will have a taste of South African Boys !

  8. Indeed there is nothing wrong in the ba Esther owning 15 Flats even an entire compound if she can tell us how she raised that kind of money to build. Tandiwe proved she got a loan to build the Mpundu trust. This country has a lot rich citizens who are not being followed by DEC…

  9. A person who is not in public office and is corrupt is very different from a person who is not in public office and is corrupt. If a corrupt private businessman is not prosecuted, the fault lies with the incumbent government. If HH stole as a private businessman the problem lies with BOTH the MMD and PF governments that failed to even summon him for questioning. Sata sent helicopters to HH’s farms. Lungu just said, ‘Next week I will arrest him.’ The week never came. On the other hand, the corrupt in public office are protected while in power. They can only be dealt with by a different government. That is the nature of politics in Africa.

  10. Please just let the Chawama hen Ester explain herself, if its a gift tell us and why it wasn’t declared.

  11. “Speaking Out on Gay Rights and Corruption Costs Ambassador His Job
    Zambia’s president wanted U.S. Ambassador Daniel Foote gone after he criticized the government for corruption and for sending a gay couple to prison.”

    GRZ what’s going on?

    • @Daniel, I don’t agree that’s factual. If I can see that someone is tribal, does that mean then that I am tribal too?

    • Exactly the right answer is only strong loyalty to one’s own tribe. Will notice another tribalist.

    • Thats flawed reasoning, if police suspect someone to be a murderer, then the police are murderers?
      If I hear Kambwili speaking language against a certain tribe, then I am tribalist?
      The list goes on.

  12. Madam DEC is even free to come to office after the little morals she has,if at she has any, has been eroded in a bin of shame. The best she can do is to resign so that she preserves her last lost dignity. The public has seen that she is morally bankrupt such that she is not supposed to preside over DEC. Prostitutes should not pretend to be professionals.

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