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President Hichilema to commission Kafue water Bulk


President Hakainde Hichilema is tomorrow expected in Kafue district where he is scheduled to commission the 150 million United States dollars Kafue Bulk Water Supply project.

Lusaka Province Permanent Secretary Robert Kamalata announced that the constructed water treatment and supply plant has improved water supply in Lusaka and Kafue districts.

He stated in an interview with ZANIS that the Kafue bulk water project came as a result of the ever-increasing population in the two districts which led to increased demand for water.

“This is evident of the government’s commitment to ensuring improved water supply to all citizens, ” he said.

Mr Kamalata said that the project is expected to add 46,000 households to the existing water and sewer network in the two districts.

He announced that President Hichilema is expected to arrive in Kafue at 10 hours after which he will pay a courtesy call on senior Nkhomeshya  Mukamambo  the second,  Chieftainess Chiawa  of the Goba people before commissioning the water project.

President Hichilema is expected to return to Lusaka after the scheduled programme.


  1. OK Zambias President can work tirelessly day after day. Stamina not “the other guy” 15 minutes standing ninshi it’s collapsing then fishing at the ponds….

    • Just stick to the subject at hand… commissioning projects that you condemned. Isn’t that hypocrisy?

    • De va vu

      Why can’t you understand from that thick head of yours that……….

      No one condemed the projects , it’s the $20 billion debt that the projects over cost that we condemned……..

      Are you that du.ll ???

    • Spaka 1.2

      On your reply to Déjà Vu

      1. You are not the brightest and wisest person at Lusakatimes. And even if you were the brightest and wisest – you do not have the right to call people dull and all sorts of things. Intelligent & wise people don’t look down on another person. They just debate constructively. I think to deal with your emotions. The words a person thinks or say, create biochemistry in the body. This biochemistry creates emotions. And emotions influence the decisions you make – such as being angry, kind, rude, loving and frustrated etc …

    • 2. The truth of the matter is that HH has been commissioning projects that PF initiated and there are about 14 more projects to be commissioned in the next 12-24 months by HH that were initiated by PF. Sata & Lungu commissioned projects that were initiated by Mwanawasa & Banda. Just as well HH will initiate long-term projects that will be commissioned by the next regime. In other words, governing is a continuation.


      mind your own business.

      No one is mentioning ypu.

      This dum foo.l has been baiting me along.

  2. For what ever project PF started………

    Zambia should not be owing $20 billion………..

    The debt should be in the region of $12 billion, total…….

    For that $20 billion owed now , zambia should be a manufacturing power house in southern Africa………….

  3. Spaka 2

    Zambia cannot become manufacturing power house in Southern Africa from a $20 Billion Bill Investment, even if we invested $20 Billion in the Top 10 Industries of Zambia. That’s a fantasy wish. I can assume that you don’t understand the operation cost of driving a manufacturing company. Lets not mislead ourselves with fantasy wishes.

    • You claim to be a financial person…….

      Your underating what $20 billion can do is embarrassing………….

      Far Eastern countries have turned into Asian tigers with under $20 billion of wise investments and hard work……….

  4. 1.4 Independence Observer………………

    I am not a regular blogger but your insight, wisdom and objective thinking is always appreciated.

    Spaka……………. is a tribal hater. I think you have nailed it very well. He needs to fix himself from the inside.

  5. Please dont lie to yourselves this was a Millennium Challenge project which what clinched during the MMD tenure. Funded by USAID, if you lived in Zambia know the relationship aba ba nthwenu had with the US. Please don’t steal the credit it’s not yours.

  6. SPAKA

    Hahaha….. Kikiki… Grudges Grudges & Grudges…..
    If DÉJÀ VU is a damn f001 then that makes you the thinkest and the dullest person on Lusakatimes. I say this because a smart person would not waste time arguing with a f001. Therefore, we can conclude that # DÉJÀ VU is far smarter than you and its just the truth

  7. Spaka

    This is where you miss at times by just making up things and telling lies to score point. Where did I say I am a Financial Person & can you extract that prove from Lusakatimes from the archives? . I have never claimed to be a Financial Person and its not my field of my career. Please internalise yourself.

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