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HH direccts Constituency Development Fund Committees to start implementing projects


President Hakainde Hichilema has directed Constituency Development Fund Committees to start implementing projects under the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

President Hichilema says there is no need to delay in the implementation of the projects when money is already available in banks and ready for use.

The President said this in Mansa after his arrival at Mansa airport yesterday.

“We promised development to the people, and that is exactly what we are doing and to start with, we have brought free education, going forward I am directing CDF committees to start
implementing Constituency Development Fund project,” President Hichilema said.

The Head of State further directed that no contracts should be awarded to people from outside Luapula Province for construction projects under the CDF.

Construction of clinics, classroom blocks and teacher houses the President cited as some of the projects that locals must be given to undertake.

“I further want to direct that Constituency Development Fund projects must be done by locals, I believe you have bricklayers, carpenters, not so?, ” the President asked.

Mr. Hichilema stated that he is observing whatever is happening in the CDF and that the fund should now begin to address the challenges of the people.

“I am following with ten eyes whatever is happening in the Constituency Development Fund and we want things to start happening, children need desks let us buy desks,” he said.

The President observed that the United Party for National Development (UPND) did not come in power to bring division but to unite and work with the people to bring development.

He has since encouraged citizens to remain united as they are part that vote for UPND alliance now in government he said is working hard to fulfill its promises.

“What you are seeing now is just the beginning, you did your part by voting for us and we will work hard to ensure that we bring development,” President Hichilema said.

Earlier Luapula Province Minister Derricky Chilundika appealed to the President to consider Luapula for industrial power.

Mr. Chilundika said the province has been lagging behind in many developmental aspects due to lack of industrial power despite the potential that it has in many sectors.

“Your Excellency we are delighted to have you in the province, the people of Luapula Province are happy with the developments with the recent one being the teacher recruitment where the province

received a fare share, our appeal is for the province to have industrial power which has been lacking,” he said.

President Hichilema is in Luapula Province and while in the Province, the President is expected to grace this year’s Mutomboko Traditional Ceremony of the Lunda people of Mwansabombwe.

The Head of State will also attend a church service at Mansa Main Seventh Day Adventist Church in Mansa today.


  1. “President Hichilema says there is no need to delay in the implementation of the projects when money is already available in banks and ready for use.”
    HH7 should know that there are procedures and guidelines to be followed stop pushing these committees to cut corners…its this political pressure that encourages corruption.

    • Tarino Orange

      Yours is a very valid & important reflection, which is always a foundation of corruption. We know HH is an ardent Lusakatimes reader whenever he finds time to do so. I hope he reads your comment.

      Political pressure is an enabler of cutting corners and corruption. MMD & PF all made the same mistakes. UPND is not educating the people on the *regulations and *procedures needed to get this money. I just wonder what the District Commissioners are doing as they should be the ones educating the people.

  2. A government which only acts on the commands of hh. This explains why a number of upnd cabinet ministers are unhappy. I have spoken with some in confidence who have told me that hh is very controlling to the extent of asking them to only take 2 minutes toilet break during cabinet meetings. These are signs of an autocratic maniac.

  3. What a breath of fresh air in the country … people
    Are starting to see the fruits of chasing away a gang of thieves

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