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Growth in agriculture. impresses President Hichilema


President Hakainde Hichilema is impressed with the agricultural produce exhibited at the 94th Zambia Agriculture and Commercial show saying, Zambia is ready to contribute to the World Global Food Security.

The Head of State says with the exhibitions showcased, it is clear that the country can be a distribution center for both local and international market.

The President said this today after touring selected stands at the show grounds.

Mr. Hichilema noted that it is impressive to see that almost all the provinces have been represented with different varieties of agriculture producing a thing that he said never used to happen some years back.

“Am so impressed to see that all the provinces are here showcasing to us what they are producing from their provinces, because this was never the case those days. This should continue”. Mr. Hichilema said.

Mr. Hichilema noted that this should be commended because it will help in stabilizing the economy as there will be more jobs created and poverty will be reduced.

He noted that if people can come together and work as a team where specialized skills are exchanged, the country can experience unprecedented developments.

Mr. Hichilema noted that the government is determined to support businesses regardless of one’s status, adding that it will continue to create an enabling environment for the development of the country.

He observed that it is inexcusable for the country to continue declining to what it used to be some years back, adding that the trend will be reversed.

“Am sure you have already seen the reversal taking place with the macro stability and the interest rates coming down, this is the story, and this is what this government is trying to do, Mr. Hichilema said.”


  1. HH may be impressed. We are not. When we start exporting our harvests and start earning forex we shall be impressed

    • You will be waiting until Jesus Christ comes back if you think hh or upnd will make your lives better. We warned you. Now see your lives

  2. If you are truly Zambian, you should know what this means, the president didnt start with the Chinese stand as was the case with Edgar Lungu, but he started with two or three wholly Zambian owned companies. That should tell you something. Smell the coffee and start working to improve Zambian products.

  3. Can Kaizar Zulu ever say anything good about HH? He’s still mourning the loss about the election, get a life man!

  4. Growth in agriculture and in overall economic growth have been made possible by HH’s admin professionalism.PF got things rotten bcuz they politicized everything.

  5. We want to see more farmers move from FISP to being commercial farmers. The rural areas will only develop fast if this happens.

  6. Correlation crop up with politicians for the IMF is data analysis and measures the validity and reliability of fact-finding.

  7. That’s the good point by the president. This year I directly he has been recommending the good work the previous Govt PF has done. For all of this year, good agriculture yields, enough power, water projects, commissioning food processing plants started in the PF Govt.

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