Monday, March 4, 2024

Government to recruit about 5,000 military personnel this year


Revelations by Government that it will recruit about 5,000 military personnel this year has elated Zimba Town Council Chairperson, Loveness Chigora.

Minister of Defense, Ambrose Lufuma who disclosed the development yesterday, said it is Government’s decision to employ youthful and energetic soldiers which is meant to enhance the military capability of protecting the country in defending its sovereignty and territorial boundaries.

The Council Chairperson says the New Dawn administration is keen to empowering young people with jobs.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Zimba district today, Ms. Chigora is optimistic that all the unemployed youths in the country would be absorbed in employment and there will be no ‘loofers’ in Zambia by 2026.

“The New Dawn administration is determined to empowering young people with jobs. I foresee that there will be unemployed youths during this four-year period up the end of 2026,” she said.

Ms. Chigora commended government through the Ministry of Defense creating 5,000 jobs for unformed people in an effort to enhance national security in Zambia.

The Council Chairperson appealed to the young people in Zimba district in particular and country as a whole to be patient as the UPND Government prioritises issues affecting the youths in Zambia.

“Tackling unemployment of youths in the country is at the heart of the UPND government because this is one way of reducing poverty among young people in Zambia, Ms. Chigora stated.

John Mbulo, an unemployed youth in Zimba district said in a separate interview that he is happy that the recruitment process would be conducted in a transparent manner in all the 10 provinces of Zambia.

“I received the news of recruiting 5,000 military personnel with gratitude. I have waited for a long time now and l hope the recruitment process will be done in a transparent atmosphere,” Mbulo said.

The UPND Administration has already employed over 41, 000 Teachers and Health Workers in the country this year.


  1. GRZ why the Political party wants to get credit for taxpayers must have?

    New dawn administration, why do you wanna make it a partisan issue?

    “One Zambia one nation”

  2. foolish shooterz. aggression against any can happen at any time just the way disasters occur. it is for this reason that countries invest heavily in defence and and security. iwe shooterz i shall forgive because you dont even know how to sing the National Anthem but still visionary singing and dancing to the tunes of ‘Alebwelelapo pamupandoo’ let the focast HH do his work as a true patriotic zambian. iand i think you are not a true zambian you must have just come to zambia to steal hence yo fear to hear improving and incresing defence and security

  3. Great Stuff, however what will quickly get the youths into jobs in Zambia is creation of huge state farms in all provinces. We can supply grain to all our neighbours and beyond and make up for what Ukraine is not exporting due to the war. If each province employs 100,000 youths with different necessary trades per province, automatically you have one million jobs created. And by the way, does the government have a data base with details of the unemployed in Zambia, I know such things would not happen in the rejected ubomba mwibala alya mwibala lazy regime, but lets do them now

  4. Thats the problem the NEW Dawn Government…so they saw the images circulating online about census applicants now they want to do damage control with silly ideas…..We had Government of thieves PF but now we have Government of thieves and liars UPND

  5. awe kaisa ka zulu dont be jelous of new dawn government coz your lazy jemson boss did nothing for 10 years.

    • You are just a f00I. Infrastructure development we worked hard on is now bearing fruit and here you are claiming glory. Fuseke

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