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Next ECZ Chief Electoral Officer should not be aligned to UPND


Activist Laura Miti has warned that the next Director of the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) must not be aligned to the ruling United Party for National Development (UPND).

ECZ on Wednesday announced the departure of Kryticous Patrick Nshindano as its Chief Electoral Officer on reported mutual agreement.

In a statement issued by ECZ Corporate Affairs Manager Patricia Luhanga, the commission indicted that it will announce Mr. Nshindano’s successor once the appointment is finalized.

Mr. Nshindano had been at the helm of ECZ for three years prior to his departure on 3rd August, 2022.

Ms. Miti said she hopes that the UPND administration, will not, in picking the next Director, be motivated by picking “their person.”

She said ECZ should be headed by someone identified for competence, independence of mind and non-partisanship.

Ms. Miti charged that the time of ECZ being a controversial body must end.

She also spoke against Mr Nshindano’s decision to accept the position of ECZ Chief Electoral Officer from PF.

“Patrick Nshindano’s time as Director of the Electoral Commission of Zambia has come to an end. My view always was that his decision to accept this position was ill advised to the extreme.Patrick is super smart and competent. He however, he accepted a poisoned chalice. It is very difficult to believe that PF, as we knew it, would have appointed someone to a vital electoral office that they did not belieive would do their malicious bidding.But that’s over now. We can only wish Patrick well in his next engagement,” she said.

“The question now is who takes over in a position that is central to our electoral democracy and in the running of peaceful credible elections? My sincere hope is that the UPND administration, will not, in picking the next Director, be motivated by picking “their person.” Can we have someone identified for competence, independence of mind and non-partisanship. I really do envy how South African elections are conducted. No matter how politically contested, all rivals display full belief in and acceptance of the results. That is because the SA electoral commission is respected for its full independence, competence and credibility,” she said.

“My citizen request is that, in appointing the next commission, the UPND focuses not on having a set of people to favour the party on elections, but on finding individuals who will understand the sanctity of our elections in establishing Zambia as a solid democracy.Let the politicians do battle for citizen minds during elections with everyone knowing that on election day, the individuals and parties that best convince citizens will win.The time of ECZ being a controversial body needs to end,” Ms. Miti said.


  1. Big mistake. It will be very difficult to find a more competent and impartial chairman than Nshindano. His successor is already tainted now.

  2. But it starts from yourself Laura ,you a strong supporter of UPND though I give it to you for your criticism of your own party

  3. Wishful thinking by Laura. If the UPND didn’t want their person in charge they’d have not gotten rid of Judge Esau Chulu. And now they’ve gotten rid of Nshindano, ECZ will be another UPND branch.

  4. I personally know Patrick. As Laura has said, he is a great guy and one i would standby all day long. His presence could have secured the transition we are celebrating today.

  5. This woman is useless. ECZ is not a PF company so why would you accuse him of accepting the job at ECZ. I doubt if if there brains in that unkempt head. PF was just a party just like Upnd and was hated by some and loved by others just like Upnd. I wouldn’t be surprised if you have a hand in the Mumbi Phiri saga. Your hatred is out of control.

    • Everyone knows that govt institutions are not independent but as usual you want to squeeze in your paragraph.

    • Explain what you mean by squeezing in a paragraph..
      Or maybe you have not digested my complaint.
      MY COMPLAINT IS WHERE THIS UNPRINCIPLED PERSON SAYS SHINDANO SHOULD NOT HAVE ACCEPTED THAT JOB FROM THE PF. Maybe you understand differently… but PF does not own ECZ otherwise they were going to take it with them after the loss.

    • ECZ wasn’t owned by PF on paper but Ruling Parties have undue influence on these organisations and PF was filled to the rafters with lawless empty tins like Lazy Lungu, Smiling Moron Freedom Sikazwe, Bowman, G9 School leaver Bonanza etc.

    • Tarino Orange… it’s true but the statement that SHINDANO should not accepted the job offer by PF. Is this difficult to see my point?

  6. let that position be advertised so that qualified people apply for the position, as long as the position will be hand filled by the appointee still it will be a carder from the UPND. i hope bally will static to his words of not having carders. but still a carder awaits to be announced anything more anything less

  7. Laura everyone knows that even you are a upnd activist. Please take your sexless frustrations elsewhere. Get a man to service you and shut ya mouth

  8. Laura Miti wants to still be an activist and be a govt appointee at the same time…really laughable…you are going to have problems.

  9. Dont be Fooled
    Laura Miti does not mean well because UPND labelled all ECZ appointed workers as PF cadres and that what she telling us that Patrick was too a cadre. So what makes her think the UPND can appoint someone who will not favor them. Forget it, thats why immediately Lusambo lost Patrick lost his job, What can you smell from that Laura? You do not need a rocket scientist, period,

  10. The only thing one can become after an appointment is a marionette ?? All govt appointees are marionettes who fear to lose the luxuries that come along with the offices i dnt think it is possible to bite the hand that feeds you.. we saw this alot during pf and i dont see it changing now except it will be done professionally madam luara thats an empty talk that not even a mere would take seriously.

  11. Dont critize MITI as a person or Activist, instead challenge her idea, if you have anything to contribute

  12. Nshindano was totally compromised . We saw this during election briefings as well as the fact that people with no grade 12 certificate like malanji were allowed to contest just because they were from ruling party under his watch.

  13. Kabufu,kwacha,ECZ these were known factors on the agend and it is mission accomplished but wait and see the trouble coming now.Why pa zed kanshi who has bewitched this country? God forgive zambia.Too much witch hunting,hate,jelous selfisheness etc

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