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Zim opposition leader writes HH over Mumbi Phiri’s prolonged prison stay


LEAD President Linda Tsungirirai Masarira says the unlawful detention of Mumbi Phiri is totally unacceptable and a violation of her fundamental human rights.

In an Open Letter President Hakainde Hichilema has since demanded that Mrs Phiri be released or presented before court immediately.

“Sadly, it seems power has also consumed you that you have forgotten so early your promises to the people. You deceived the world, by claiming that you would adhere to human rights without fear or favour,” she said.

She charged that the the murder charge slapped on Mrs. Mumbi is trumped up, frivolous and
vexatious with no tangible evidence to secure a conviction.

“Politically motivated charges meant to punish, silence and instil fear should be condemned by all. Mumbi is just a fierce and resolute politician who doesn’t deserve this inhumane treatment from a so called new dawn government,” she said.

“An attack on Mumbi Phiri is an attack on all female politicians in the world,” she said.

“As the President of Labour Economists and Afrikan Democrats Zimbabwe, I stand with Mumbi Phiri and demand justice for her. I demand the new dawn government to take Mumbi Phiri to court as soon as possible if at all they have corroborating evidence that incriminate her in the murder of Lawrence Banda. If they don’t, they should absolve her of any wrong doing and discharge her.”

“An injury to one woman is an injury to all Mr. President. As a man who suffered illegal detentions, we expect you to be the change that Zambia has been waiting for. Incarcerating political opponents to settle political scores is archaic, retrogressive and will leave your legacy with a dent. Why are you abusing human rights Mr Hichilema? Mumbi is a wife, mother, sister and aunt who has family responsibilities.”

“In conclusion, Mr President please release Mumbi Phiri and allow a fair trial to commence,” the letter read.


    • Advice has no boundaries my friend. Even a divorced person can advise a married couple. Take it or leave it Mumbi has no case so government has found itself in an awkward situation..they don’t know the next step without embarrassing themselves.

    • De ja vu

      “..Advice has no boundaries my friend. Even a divorced person can advise a married couple……”

      Stop talking crap……….

      You are the same people who see fit ati “advice has no boundaries ‘, where divorced women who can’t find husbands themselves are busy advising their married friends about women’s rights……..

    • All their opposition leaders and journalists practically live in jails and they want to advise other countries.

  1. Your president is being accused of raping a woman ……….

    What are you doing in zambias business while munangagwa is being accused of brutalising women and democracy in your country ?????

    • Get a life and take a break from blogging. Are you such a loner there abroad? You must be ugly to have no partner there because when I visited l0ndon years ago with my father MCS, the women were throwing themselves at me

    • Hehehe

      The imposter troll in a bedside in Brixton on benefits………..with homosexuality not far from his mind……..

    • Kaizer Zulu like talking about how other people look, does he have a mirror in his house, I guess not.

  2. Mother mumbi refused HHs sexual advances and bruised his ego, so now he trying to take it out his anger on her.hh is having marital problems and this has been going on before elections. Those who know this story will attest. Hh doesn’t share same bedroom with his wlfe. The second lady mutinta spend s more time with the crazy ph0t0graphy boy

    • Like how everyone thought freedom sikazwe was always smiling for nothing ………

      Not knowing he servicing the bosses wife after the boss blacks-out…………..

    • This was a presidential advisor, how did we get this low to have a guy talk nonsense here, do you know MP is actually HH’s relative, by the way, your ignorance is such a bliss. MP’s child married in the family related to HH, if HH was like your former boss MP would walking free just like you. You are criminal we all know that, but the law will catch up with you soon.

    • Spaka and your fellow upnd maggot kabola, I worked for OP and have evidence. You have never worked for any government organisation not especially OP, so keep dreaming and making up f00Iish things. I am not forcing you to read my comments. You dogs testicles

    • And I expect, your claims here are backed by evidence? Truly presumptuous. I swear; one day, you will be smoked out and taken to the cleaners! LT, your moderation is truly dysfunctional. You censor perfectly civil & sensible comments, yet allow these sorts of brazen claims and insults. What are your standards??…please tell me.

  3. Mumbi phiri……….

    The most violent woman in PF……

    Often found leading and instigating cader attacks……..

    Such was her guilt , she promptly resigned from politics and fled to her farm immediately after elections……….

    She knew what was comming…..

    • God heard your cries for a chance to produce a republican president. The chance came and now you are abusing it just like the PF did. You alone Spaka don’t see it as an abuse of authority.

    • De ja Vu

      You are right for once……….

      After deep reflection and advice from many bloggers …….

      I have had a change of heart…

      @ #FreeMumbiPhiri…….



    • Spaka! Is this really you? If it is I’m impressed. I’ve never heard any Zambian admit he erred. You must be a sincere guy. I ll watch your posts from now


  5. The trouble with detentions in Zambia, is that, they appear to be just for punishment – never to conclude in conviction & lawful custody. It’s like, when evidence is lacking, but law enforcers believe a crime has taken place, you will be arrested and kept in custody at their pleasure. When it’s felt that you’ve learnt a lesson, they will let you go home never to be convicted….even if you did actually commit the crime! This is not law. It’s Kangaroo Court justice. We need to revert to recognised standards of law and justice. Besides, it’s costly to keep people in custody.

    #plant a tree please.

    • If you see a problem in your country of birth, you come back home and do something about it. Not sit there abroad with your big backside asking others to do your dirty work of planting trees for you.

  6. @ K Zulu – Judging by the flag beside your comment, you too reside in England – not Zambia! Which begs the question, why contrive this facade?… unless, of course there are ulterior motives bordering on criminality!

    • No ulterior motives. I am based in Lusaka and use a VPN due to constant cyber attacks by upnd thugs. So I am forced to use a foreign vpn.

  7. Just wondering. Stop responding to retarded Spaka. He is seriously sick. By responding you enhance his illness. Ignore him and he will look for mental help

  8. Spaka is a retarded boy needing medical attention. Scrutinize what he posts and you will see what I mean . Dont respond to his postings otherwise you worsen his disabilities. We should help him seek medical attention if at all we like him or not.

  9. DESPITE my disagreement with how PF tend to solve issues, I have NOT heard anyone from PF say that
    1) Mumbi is ” unlawfully” detentained
    2) the murder charge slapped on Mrs. Mumbi is “trumped up”,
    NOT even the PF vuvuzelas like CK, Lvbinda, Mwamba, Nakachinda, Lvsamboa, etc, none of them have accussed this government on above 2 cby Zambians?
    Do you people really agree with this nonsence from someone whose government is evil? What is she advising Zambians on?

  10. General Kanene must understand the dynamics of political-geography in Southern Africa. Before the August 2021 elections Kanene’s political leader used Johannesburg to accuse Zimbabwe of being the cause of genocide in South Africa. Yet all events in Zambia are monitored by Africa. Kanene must reflect on why only 3 non-SADC State Presidents attended the AU Summit in Lusaka -whereas all State Presidents in SADC region opted to ignore the Summit when 3 West African Brenthurst-linked leaders were honored at State House. Psychological treatment is vital.

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