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I’ll be adopted to re-contest the upcoming by-election in the nullified 2021 Kabushi Parliamentary elections


UPND candidate in the nullified 2021 Kabushi Parliamentary election Bernard Kanengo has said he doesn’t doubt that the ruling party will adopt him to re-contest the upcoming by-election in the constituency.

Former Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo recently lost the Kabushi Constituency Seat as the Constitutional Court upheld the decision of the Ndola High Court to declare his election void.

Mr. Kanengo petitioned Mr Lusambo of the Patriotic Front (PF) citing malpractice before and during the August 12 General elections.

Lusaka High Court Judge Edward Musona sitting in Ndola nullified the seat last year citing wide spread violence noting that Mr Lusambo did not disassociate himself from his militia group known ‘the Nato Forces’, which was attacking the electorates.

In an interview, Mr. Kanengo said he is the people’s preferred candidate at the grassroots in Kabushi Constituency.

He declared himself as the candidate for the coming Kabushi Parliamentary by-election on the UPND ticket.

Mr. Kanengo said he will go on to win the Kabushi Seat without difficulties.

“First and foremost, I need to appreciate the people of Kabushi for supporting that petition because it is the people of Kabushi that have nullified the seat themselves. They are the ones that stood in the courts of law as witnesses to present the evidence. Secondly, I also want to appreciate my members for the morale support they gave me from the time the court process started. I want to also mention to the general public that I am contesting the Kabushi by election. I am one of the contestants; I think you have seen there are a lot of people that have shown interest to contest the Kabushi election on UPND. I must tell you that I petitioned for me to re-contest,” Mr. Kanengo said.

“First and foremost, the UPND party is not the one that chooses candidates; it is the grassroots, the people of Kabushi. The party normally goes to the ground to ask the people of Kabushi which candidate they want, then the party gives them the candidate of their choice. The people should elect the candidate of their choice, somebody who is going to develop the constituency. We don’t want manipulators. I am the candidate for Kabushi Constituency and I am recontesting on the UPND ticket and I am going to win,” Mr. Kanengo said.

He also welcomed people that have expressed their interest to contest the Kabushi by election on the UPND ticket.

“First and foremost, we cried foul that there was no democracy in Kabushi Constituency in the previous election and the people that I must put first is the interest of the people of Kabushi Constituency. So, whoever has shown interest to contest in Kabushi Constituency is welcome but the grassroots will pick a person that will work for them. Remember, many are called few are chosen,” Mr. Kanengo said.

Ndola-based UPND member and business executive Mellbin Simangolwa has declared his intention to contest the upcoming Kabushi Constituency Parliamentary by-election on the UPND ticket.

Mr. Simangolwa, who owns Kabushi Entrepreneurship and Vocational Training Centre (KEVTC), recently told reporters in Ndola that he is itching to contribute to the development of Kabushi Constituency as Kabushi MP.


  1. Prospects for Bernard Kanengo’s adoption as a UPND candidate for Kabushi Constituency can only be possible if he mutates into a Bantu-Botatwe clan and transforms to being ‘born-again’ to inherit a name as a “BERNARD HAKANENGO”. Otherwise only UPND Bemba-stooges are welcome in the new political environment. Strangely, many Tongas are now walking about in SHAME along Zambian streets and work places.

  2. Why is this f00I wasting his time. Regardless of who upnd pick, kabushi is bowman and pf through out. Kabushi is the easiest seat pf will ever win. We don’t even need to campaign.

  3. Bowman is not popular in Kabushi. The rented crowds can not give him a vote. I am not even UPND, I am just being truthful. Poverty is still at its highest in Kabushi, so what is there to celebrate the PF tenure


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