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Newly recruited teachers, health workers spotted writing ZAMSTATS aptitude tests


 Chavuma District Commissioner, Geoffrey Kasonda has appealed to the newly recruited teachers and health workers to desist from writing the 2022 census of population and housing aptitude test.

Hundreds of youths, women and men in Chavuma district of North-western province yesterday gathered at Chavuma day secondary school in a bid to attempt to write the 2022 census of population and housing aptitude test.

Some newly recruited teachers and health workers had applied to be part of the census exercise and some were spotted attempting to take part in the 2022 census of population and housing test.

Mr. Kasonda advised them to leave room for other unemployed youths in the district so as to alleviate poverty levels in the district.

“I am appealing to the newly recruited brothers and sisters to leave room for other youths who are unemployed, as this exercise is meant for those that are unemployed so that we can support our youths and by doing so we will develop our district economically,” he said.

Mr Kasonda has since called on all youths in the area that qualify to show up in numbers and participate in writing of the aptitude test to prove that they are capable of undertaking such a task diligently.

“We are not favoring anyone, we want to ensure that our youths participate at their own cost and pick the right people who qualify so that they will be able to do the work according to the expectation,” he said.

Meanwhile the District Commissioner has thanked the new dawn government for providing all the necessary materials for the 2022 census population.

“I would like to thank the new dawn government for the manner that they have conducted the 2022 census as this is the first ever electronic census of population. We just want to thank the new dawn government for the provision of these materials as they will make the exercise run smoothly,” he said.

Chavuma district has a target of 125 target people for the exercise but thousands of youths in the district showed up at Chavuma secondary school in a bid to be among the best to be selected for the training.

Mr. Kasonda has therefore advised the youths that will not be picked not to lose hope but engage themselves in other ventures as they wait for more opportunities that the new dawn government will bring.


  1. Assuming we have our records and systems in place, it should be a trivial exercise to identify who is double-dipping and not employee them for the census work even after they take the aptitude test. Readily available software like Microsoft excel, which can have 1,048,576 rows, can easily do the job of cross-checking names and weeding out newly employed teachers and health workers.

    • Thats were Mutati should come in and work on a Government portal that keeps records of everything from petty crimes, ex cons, road tax, house rates, tax records, fines paid/due, civil servant employment records….A council officer in Chavuma should be able to retrieve this information easily.

  2. Political interference in everything ruining the ability chances for professionals to do their work
    What then is the point of advertising if you knew you were going to invite everybody and create an unnecessary and costly circus at the end?


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