Thursday, June 13, 2024

DC confirms reports of people being burnt to death on suspicion witchcraft


Mazabuka District Commissioner, Oliver Mulomba has described as barbaric, acts by residents to burn people suspected to be practicing witchcraft.

Mr. Mulomba confirmed that Mazabuka and Chikankata districts have recorded incidents of people being harassed and burnt to death on suspicion that they were wizards.

He called for all perpetrators of the violent acts to be identified and brought to book.

Speaking in an interview on Friday, Mr. Mulomba said the culprits could not be allowed to go scot free.

“It is true we have experienced such type of killings in especially in Chikankata and Mazabuka. People should not take the law into their hands, so police should move in quickly and arrest those involved,” he said.

Mr. Mulomba said there was no legal support for such killings as witchcraft allegations were based on suspicion.

And a clergyman from Latter Rain Church described the killings as unfortunate as they denied the suspects the opportunity to respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Bishop Kenani Ndhlovu said the clergy had an obligation to preach love and the gospel to everyone, regardless of whether they were witches or not, so they could have an opportunity to repent.

“We need people to get saved and delivered from the power of darkness. Killing people is not salvation and God’s desire is for everyone to get saved,” he said.

Earlier this week, Large Mutelo of Chikankata District had his home burnt down after he was accused of practicing witchcraft and being behind the death of 35 year old Makelele Muchisali of Kabo area in Kasengo ward.

Mutelo fled, but his wife and children were left homeless after his house was burnt by an irate mob, which also harvested maize from his field.

Last week, Pasela Hamutamba, of Chief Naluama’s area in Chikankata District was burnt to ashes on suspicion that he was a wizard.


    • You envy HH for kicking you out of power. We thank him for getting rid of you because you were stealing our money, saddling us with unpayable debt, practising tribalism in government appointment and funding apportioments; you were also terrorising the Zambian people who lost their freedom of speech, and were brutalised in the markets by your PF thugs. I do not know why you are not a cell mate of Mumbi Phiri… There is no shortage of charges that can placed on you-

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