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19 Year old Lusaka Teenager allegedly murders his parents


Zambia Police at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe Station yesterday recorded a Murder case which occurred Saturday 6th August 2022 between 00:00 hours and 10:00 hours at house number 20 Gerliam street in Salama Park where M/Nathaniel Mwakachela aged 53 and F/Pemba Alphonsina Lubwika Mwakachela aged 52 have alleged to have been killed by their firstborn son an Adult Juvenile aged 19.

Brief facts of the matter are that the two deceased parents went to bed around 2300 hours on Friday August 5, 2022 after they had their supper and had family time in the sitting room while the suspect their son was in his bedroom.

During the early hours of Saturday, August 6, 2022 while asleep, a female juvenile aged 15 who is a sister to the suspect heard some noise with a bang and someone screaming but ignored as she thought it was her father trying to take her brother to the rehabilitation centre because they had mentioned earlier of taking him to the facility as his brother’s behaviour had been bad.

Around 11:00 hours when she woke up she discovered that her bedroom door was locked. She then decided to call her brother to come and open for her but he responded by saying that he was mopping so he couldn’t open.

Later after staying in the bedroom for some time she decided to open the door using a knife. When she got out it was quiet in the house as only his brother was present. He then followed him and told her he wanted to tell her something but that he could only communicate it on a piece of paper. That’s how he broke the news by writing on the paper that the parents have died of COVID. When asked where the bodies were he didn’t respond.

She checked for the bodies inside the house but couldn’t find them so she decided to go out and that’s where she found the two bodies wrapped in blankets and tied on each ends with wires.

She then asked if she can take a walk outside to clear her mind and she was allowed.It was at this point when she went outside the gate that she informed her family members who later came with her to report the matter at the police at around 13:30 hours.

Police visited the scene of crime. The house was found looking clean and nothing unusual was observed. Outside the house within yard in the backyard was where the two bodies were found wrapped in two different and separate blankets.

The two bodies were unwrapped and examined; the deceased male had a deep cut on the right upper part of the eye with swollen lip while the female had a swollen face with a cut on the nose. Fresh blood was observed coming from the two deceased’s nose.

Also at the scene there was a piece of paper that was recovered from the suspect where he broke the news to the sister of the passion on of their parents.

Photographs of the scene were taken and the suspect has since been detained in police custody. The bodies have since been deposited at University Teaching Hospital Mortuary awaiting an autopsy. A docket of case has been opened pending further investigations.


  1. How can ZP solve a case when they can not write a proper and concise statement ” He then followed him and told her he wanted to tell her something but that he could only communicate it on a piece of paper”.
    It’s clear the boy has mental issues…

  2. This has become the norm since August 2021. Alot of evil things are going on since upnd took over. They got rid of ministry of religious affairs due to their evilness, and now we are seeing effects of this. Hh needs to be careful he also has a son who always looks suspect with unkempt hair

  3. The parents knew their son was having mental issues and were preparing to get him help. However it was too late. What a sad situation for the entire family. Wishing this family strength as they deal with this catastrophe.

  4. Please ignore the UK based Troll/ Impostor/ Fraud it feeds off such posts like a housefly that has just spotted fresh fecal matter.

  5. -Adult Juvenile aged 19
    -his brother’s behaviour (referring to the sister)
    -When she got out it was quiet in the house as only his brother was present. He then followed him and told her he…
    How unfortunate this situation is.

    • Too much laziness in the profession, there is absolutely no comprehension skills at all…ZP get a statement from the girl word for word without translation into English the lazy reports gets that same staement without summarising it; simply copies and pastes it.

    • 8# David Kaunda

      ++ Good point from you and please continue advocating. The whole world needs to get tough on drug-laws.

      A USA Government Report that just got released stated that from the time Marijuana got legalised in some US / States especially California, the number of car accidents by those between 18-40 years has gone up and escalated. Science and Post-mortem Technologies are now able to measure the side effects if a person was high on marijuana and lost concentration.

  6. Very sad and you feel for the sister. She has lost both parents and now the brother will end up in prison or locked in a mental institution because he is a danger to society.

    Mental issues are everywhere. You can see it from some bloggers on Lusakatimes day-in day-out. They vent Rage, Ire, Fury, Wrath, Madness and the list goes on and on.

  7. Results of not taking action when something out of place is observed! How many times have most of us heard advice that when you see/notice something not right we should say/report it to someone! This looks like a situation that the family has been aware of but delayed taking the necessary steps to remedy.

  8. Big big curse will befall this wayward teenager.Your parents are like earthly gods respect them and cherish them.

  9. A deep cut on the upper part of the eye and a swollen lipor swollen face with a cut on the nose cannot be the cause of death.

  10. He’s a junky and was in a trance or a séance, very sad. Women, when it comes to your sons, listen when your husbands say it’s time to go to rehab.

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