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HH fires Health PS Dr Magwende

Health HH fires Health PS Dr Magwende

President HaKainde Hichilema has with immediate effect terminated the contract of Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary in charge of Administration George Magwende.

This is according to a statement released to ZNBC news this evening by Presidential Spokesperson Anthony Bwalya.

Below is the full statement.


  1. More signs of corrupt tendencies by hh. We tax payers deserve to know why some one we pay is fired. For all we know this firing is to create space for one of hhs many concubines. Wicked government

    • You hired them in PF because they came from your tribe. That is why all of you, more or less had the same name. Now they are being fired because they were hired on the basis nepotism and tribalism, rather than on merit.

  2. The firing of Dr. Magwende is shocking. The righteous will NEVER be accepted in a pest-infested UPND Govt. Zambians must know that wherever Masebo treks in government corridors, she leaves a trail of destruction. This woman plunged ZAWA to destruction at the instigation of a member of her ethnic group. Provisionary we can only speculate that Dr. Magwende could not have cooperated to execute dirty works in the ministry of Health. These are results of appointing a non-medical as Minister of Health.

    • Masebo is doing a very good job. I would like to see the Minister of Home Affairs have the courage to do the same at Immigration, so that those fools who have been selling citizenship and residential permits are brought to account. Masebo should be promoted to prime minister; or better still, hire professor Kasuka Mwauluka, the former Vice Chancellor of Unza, to clean up this rotten government

  3. First of all, you should have fired The Government Spokesperson. She is extremely useless. HH we worked so hard for you in Munchinga and Northern Province to get you a popular vote. What really scares you to remove Ms Kasanda ??

  4. One serves at the President’s pleasure and is dismissed at the President’s displeasure. No reason is given for the appointment and so no reason should be given for the disappointment. Anyone whoo serves in these non-permanent posts should know that one day they will drive to work in a GRZ vehicle and come back home in Ulendo taxi.

  5. HH is a true leader.
    I believe in the saying, “when i am charge, I take charge” and I say to my subordinates, “shape up or you will be Shipped out”.
    That is just plain and simply what happened here.

  6. Wildlife experts have observed that, in national parks of Serengeti (in Tanzania), Kruger (in South Africa), Kafue & South Luangwa (in Zambia), female lions are the most vicious & ruthless killers of their prey animals such as buffalo and zebra. This biological phenomenon can be linked to the behaviour of politicians in Zambia. No doubt the current Govt is infested with notorious female lions in form of Ba-Kusebaila and Ba-Panadol ministers, a retired Thasinta graduate in DEC and another lioness caged in the National Assembly. May God Help us and Save Zambia!

  7. These are very worrying developments. What has Dr. Magwende done to warrant his dismissal? Frankly, Dr. Magwende is one of the most angelic dedicated medical Doctors in Zambia – inclusive of the SADC region. His Clinic called St. George which was located along Cairo Rd next to Shoprite, saved my life when I was afflicted by a lethal low-blood pressure ailment. We pray that Dr. Magwende reverts back to his private Clinic to save more human lives.

    • No details but just typing because he saved your life. Government has ethics, discplinary code, competency code and so on. So just chill till you get details, there are no angels on earth, please change that kind of thinking for your own good

  8. So HH is corrupt…..I’ve been saying this…
    he can’t touch his corrupt stooges surrounding him…he goes for a noble hardworking man….kikikikikiki confused government

  9. It’s because there are still no medecine in the hospitals even after Govt claiming they have released huge funds for the medicine

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