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ACC witnesses fail to link Bowman to illegal acquisition of land

General News ACC witnesses fail to link Bowman to illegal acquisition of land

The matter in which former Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo has been charged with illegal acquisition of land in Masaiti has finally taken off in the Lusaka Magistrate Court.

Mr. Lusambo who is also former Provincial Minister for Lusaka and the Copperbelt Provinces stands accused before Magistrate Faides Hamaundu of having used his office as Minister to illegally acquire three pieces of land in Masaiti District.

The three parcels of land include a 1.5 hectares, 2.5 hectares and 9.9 hectares.

The offence is alleged to have occurred around when Mr. Lusambo served as Minister for Copperbelt.

But when trial commenced on Monday, all the three witnesses presented to court by the ACC testified that Mr. Lusambo did not exert any undue influence in acquiring the said pieces of land.

Testifying before Magistrate was Mr. Ali Shamenda, a Principle Lands Officer from Ministry of Lands Ndola office who told the Court that the three pieces of land do not belong to Mr. Lusambo.

Mr Shamenda further testified that according to the Lands registry, a Mr. Jack Mwanza, a Mr. Jigneshi Soni and Frontier Services Ltd are registered as the property owners of the said land.

And former Ndola Town Clerks Ernest Sumani and Cosmas Chalusa in separate testimonies confirmed that Mr. Lusambo did not exert any undue pressure in the land transactions.

The two witnesses said the only time Mr. Lusambo inquired over the land was at a time when he was out of government after Parliament dissolved.

Trial continues tomorrow.


  1. He is on record saying people steal to secure the futures of their families………

    Keep digging…………..

    There is no way lusambo can own a multi million dollars property portfolio, after 7 years in GRZ without any money trials…………

  2. When prosecuting these cases, aren’t these officers supposed to have concrete evidence? Why take cases you know you end up exposing ignorance and bring the name of the institution to disrepute? Next time charge the officers.

    • They are under pressure to find some dirt that can put Lusambo behind bars. The whole excercise is an unprofessional sham.

    • I doubt its pressure. It already looks bad on Bally. How did ACC take this case to court? I thought you needed concrete evidence to go to trial?

  3. This is one one of many such cases that lusambo has to dodge……….

    He is comming back to courts for more……….

  4. De ja vu

    What under pressure ???

    So in your chamba head you think lusambo is a genuine property millionaire after comming broke into GRZ less than 7 years ago ??

    • Only you can’t see that your leaders want to obliterate the only opposition party in the country by finishing off its members of parliament. ACC or DEC don’t have the capacity to ” guess” that Lusambo appropriated land by force. Matambo rang his boss that he had something that would nail Lusambo. His boss instructed the ACC to act….. without getting the facts…. that is pressure my pretty SPAKA

  5. We hope lusambos lawyers are working for free , or…………

    He has deep pockets , because………..

    Lusambo has many cases to answer, the courts will be his second home…………

  6. African politicians have always stolen using proxies. Keep following the paper trail, the phone records and somewhere along the way you will find the connection between the recorded ‘owners’ and the minister. They do this so that when they leave politics, they will ‘buy’ the property cheaply from the alleged owner because in Zambia there is no legal requirement to value property for sale. You can sell a football field for 1 Ngwee.

  7. Follow the paper trail maybe he sold them to the current owners or was using different people to aquire the same on his behalf.

  8. If HH thinks he will win the corruption fight with the pathetically inefficient weapons at hand, he’s got another think coming. The entire public service is riddled with incompetence so he has to first clean up and retrain the ACC, DEC, Police, everyone. The root of the problem is the education system. It has broken down. I can bribe ZEC with newest and I will have a certificate with flying colors.
    It needs a deep cleaning process. Just read any of the posts on various Zambian websites including this one. Poor rationales abound with pathetic argument if one may call it that. Read the Kenyan, and other African sites and you see the difference. You can see their citizens have gone through civilised educative schools. You expect our lawyers and investigators to emerge as excellent…

    • ZAMBIA has good education that’s why we get good jobs overseas. Comments here are from different opinions…we are not robots to post the same ideas and beliefs. I don’t think Kenya is better than us…. during their campaigns Ruto has been accused of photo shopping his rally videos …so what makes their sites better than us.

    • @Deja vu Nigerians also boast like you are doing since they have flooded global bodies but check, in the 60s 70s and 80s Zambia had one of the best education systems in Africa. Then we replaced Cambridge with the local examination body ZEC without good preparation. Corruption infiltrated the system the London GCE and plenty others withdrew recognition, our university dropped in ratings. Right now it’s degrees have been downgraded to diplomas by many European nations. As for comments check their logical structure or lack of it. It shows you they haven’t been produced by someone from a good school. And they abound here

    • Deja Vu will do well to read on LT: Explaining the reclassification all Zambian Universities as Colleges by Oxford University. And also the Times Higher Education reports not leaving out local published article: Why our universities are poorly judged – Zambia Daily Mail

  9. Deja Vu – Your best friend Bowman will walk away from this one..in Zambia a rich man just needs to locate the witnesses and ask them how much they want. Bowman was dealing with Chinks buying thousands of hectares you think you can pin him on 2.5 hectares

    • Well that’s why you have the defense and prosecution… just like Power Dynamos vs Nkana FC… the referee will not score for them… each has to convince the judge (referee).

    • Bowman Lusambo may have committed those offenses but going with blinded vengeance after him will cost the government all the cases. People will see this as mere persecution and therefore become reluctant to testify.

  10. Evil will never prosper in this country. God is on your side bro lusambo. The evil upnd are so desperate to get you but they won’t manage. I said it thqt they will die one by one. God hates evil people

  11. They planned their moves immediately after they lost the elections, they knew you would come after them. Sorry to say but you’re 2 to 3 steps behind . But don’t give up as a lot doesn’t add up.

  12. How can you present someone else’s property in court as being the accused’s? Tell us now is Lusambo owning this property through relatives or what?

  13. On top of this nonsense we have Musa Mwenye SC as Chairman of ACC….hahaha What a joke of a Gov agency.

  14. The under5 government knows very well that they can’t win both by elections they are busy looking for cases to pin them both so that they will not stand during the up coming by elections, upnd have not shame..you have been bragging about being popular and strong on the copperbelt let’s see how popular you are by allowing the pf MP to stand ..Upnd are cowards

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