Friday, May 31, 2024

485 PF members in Ndola defect to UPND


485 Patriotic Front (PF) members in Kabushi constituency in Ndola have defected to the United Party for National Development (UPND).

Among those that have defected include renowned comedian, Webster Chiluba popularly known as Kasaka.

Speaking on behalf of the defectors, Mr. Chiluba says President Hakainde Hichilema has exhibited quality and selfless leadership style which every well-meaning Zambian should support.

Mr. Chiluba said President Hichilema is a visionary leader who is leading the country in the right direction.

And another party member, Martin Kasaro, aged 64, said the payment of retirees has dignified many people’s lives as many of them were languishing in poverty without being paid their money.

Meanwhile, Copperbelt UPND Chairperson, Elisha Matambo said the defectors have made the right choice to join the UPND whose leadership is admired by many not only in Zambia but other countries.

Mr. Matambo said he will engage the Ministry of Local Government to quickly approve dispensation of the Constituency Development Funds (CDF) in the Kabushi Constituency to commence project implementation.

He noted that people of Kabushi have for many years been grappling with water and sewer challenges which should be addressed now.

Mr. Matambo has also disclosed that the possibility of having the electric car battery plant established in Ndola’s industrial area is high, stating that this would greatly benefit people in Kabushi once it is opened.

In April this year, the former ruling party lost over 300 members in the constituency who ditched the party to join UPND citing exemplary leadership by President Hichilema and his administration.


  1. Belly Politics @ work!
    Anyway if you cannot beat them, you join them or risk total oblivion.

  2. Chimwela chimwela chimwela I just pray that more defect to the new dawn. Let’s send PF into political oblivion, never to resurrect again

  3. More cooked up news. Even us in monze we have accepted 500 upnd cadres to pf. We are now teaching them how to speak bembq and nyanja

    • Ba Kaizer should know that PF is a dead party and will never come back anywhere.What is just remaining for PF members is appearing before courts of law everyday to answer the many astrocities committed during the 10 years of chipatepate leadership.Mwalamwenako.

  4. They are welcome but they will be watched very closely.We dont want PF cadre mentality to contaminate UPND.They are joining as ordinary members….anybody who goes out of line must be punished severely and be expelled from the party……

  5. Kikikikiki African Politics…vote for change or vote for PF reloaded…….just in Politics because of hunger….being a Cadre is now a career in Zambia…they should introduce syllabus in schools on how to become a successful Cadre and how to jump from one Political party to the other….Lusambo will soon Join UPND and Kampyongo and Edgar Lungu and Mumbi Phiri….just the entire PF will soon become UPND…..Zambians you’ve been duped…

  6. “……..He noted that people of Kabushi have for many years been grappling with water and sewer challenges which should be addressed now……..”

    10 waisted years of PF handouts……….

  7. There is no PF convention, so the career cadres or Political Proostitutes are on the MOVE.
    I have always been against this Political Proostitution, I don’t care which parties are involved. I believe being a party member should be based on conviction and not based on where the wind blows.
    NEXT will be Ambassodor MWAMBA…….
    If you see that pastor…..former ambassodor to Australia…..Bwalya?…..from a far right political entity – PF , going to join a far left entity in Socialist Party…how would one explain such a change in ideology conviction? That is Mind Blowing !!!

  8. The PF conducted 1 million defections and lost by the same margin. Now Matambo has come with the same tactic, he’s wasting his own time. Batuke Imenda must ban these political gimmicks as they add no value

  9. Tell them to join partyless Harry Kalaba , we don’t want corrupt minds in UPND but if you do, make sure to watch them 24/7.

  10. Waste of time now talking about defectors. Same group keeps defecting to whichever party is in power. They defected from UNIP to MMD. Then from MMD to PF now from PF to upnd. They will again defect to whichever party will take over after upnd.

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