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Government lauds Catholic Relief Services’ electrical vehicle


Minister of Green Economy and Environment Collins Nzovu has commended the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) for taking a lead in promoting the use of low carbon emissions electric vehicles.

Mr Nzovu says the use of electric vehicles will greatly contribute to curbing green gas emissions.

ZANIS reports that Mr Nzovu was speaking during the unveiling of the CRS electric car in Lusaka today, and that the promotion of electric cars is the right step in combating effects of climate change.

Mr Nzovu explained that the increased purchase of electric vehicles will lead to reduction of the import bill on oils and contribute to the stabilisation of the country’s foreign exchange rate.

He added that the funds saved from the reduced import bill can be channeled to other needy areas.

Mr. Nzovu reiterated that the use of electric cars fits well with the aspirations of the government of transiting Zambia into a climate resilient economy.

He expressed optimism that more jobs will be created along the value chain once the demand for electric vehicles increases.

And speaking earlier, Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises Development Elias Mubanga said the launch of the electric car has come at an opportune time when the government is set to open a car battery factory in collaboration with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) on the Copperbelt

Mr. Mubanga urged small and medium business operators to be ready to seize the opportunities that will come with the opening of a car battery manufacturing plant.

He said the government is more than willing to support initiatives that promote the green economy.

And CRS Zambia Country Representative John Shumlansky said  the launch of the electric car is a testimony of the importance the organization attaches in the fight against climate change.

Mr Shumlansky stated that CRS remains committed to supplementing government’s efforts in saving the planet from climate change.


  1. Government should have been the first to take a lead on this. Get rid of those huge guzzlers and get electric vehicles which will also speed up the installation of more charging points at all fuel stations.

    • I was also wondering why it’s not the government handing over the electric car to an institution to promote the use of etc etc

    • What de fvck!? Just 1 hybrid car and even a minister has an erection?
      Are you telling me you people in Lusaka don’t drive Tesla or even Toyota prius?

  2. I totally agree with Razor,the New Dawn govt must lead by example in making sure that the next order they make for utility vehicles is 100 percent electric in order to demonstrate its commitment towards a carbon zero Zambia… and yes this is the only way ZESCO can be compelled to unveil an URGENT programme for installation of charging stations country wide…
    The installation of charging stations immediately creates job opportunities for our young people…… Lets Go Zambia !!!

  3. The New Dawn Govt can take practical steps towards an electric car revolution by zero rating customs duty on electric cars….I can assure you everyone will buy electric cars…..

  4. @Nero: Do you, yourself, have a manufacture that the Gov can launch? You see? Talk is cheap bro!

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