Thursday, February 22, 2024

PF confident of winning back Ndola’s Kabushi Constituency and Kwacha Constituency in Kitwe.


The opposition Patriotic Front (PF) is confident of winning the upcoming Parliamentary by-elections in Ndola’s Kabushi Constituency and Kwacha Constituency in Kitwe.

The PF is seeking to retain the recently nullified Parliamentary Seats in Kabushi and Kwacha held by former Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo and former Foreign Affairs Minister Joseph Malanji respectively.

PF lost the seats after the Constitutional Court upheld the High Court’s decision to nullify the election of Mr. Lusambo and Mr. Malanji last year.

Featuring on a Radio Icengelo Programme in Kitwe on Monday, leader of opposition in Parliament and PF National Chairperson for Legal Brian Mundubile said the former ruling party will retain Kwacha and Kabushi without much struggle.

Dr. Mundubile said the people of Zambia are not happy with the New Dawn government over its failed campaign promises.

He added that the UPND Government wants to deliberately weaken the opposition knowing that it won’t last in Government.

Dr. Mundubile added that PF has no good reason not to re-adopt Mr. Malanji and Mr. Lusambo.

“We had adopted one Bowman Lusambo in Kabushi and he won elections. We had adopted one Joe Malanji for Kwacha and he won elections. We will have no good reason to depart from that position when it comes to re-adoption. There are our very good candidates and we know that the process that has seen them out of Parliament was not a process that we agree with. So I don’t think we are going to speculate on that. We have no good reason not to readopt them,” Dr. Mundubile said.

He declared the party ready for the two pending Parliamentary by-elections.

The party (PF) is ready for these elections, of course it is an inconvenience, like I said it is unnecessary cost to the party but most importantly we feel for the people of Kabushi we feel for the people of Kwacha. Basically, these two constituencies and many others have lost one year. They were supposed to be sitting. Ba Malanji inonshita nga na bekala na bantu babo to plan for CDF utilisation. As MPs we are working with the people to ensure that CDF is utilised so that it starts benefiting women and youths but our colleagues Mr. Malanji and Mr. Lusambo has been disturbed. It is now one year since the disturbances in Kwacha and Kabushi started and people are not ok. So, as a party we are ready for the by-election but most importantly, I am asking people in Kwacha and Kabushi to say please don’t get upset. Stay calm and we wait for the date of elections to be announced,” Dr. Mundubile said.

He praised Mr. Malanji and Mr. Lusambo as examples of good Members of Parliament.

“You re-elected Joe Malanji because of his good works. As leader of the opposition, I can tell you that we use MPs like Malanji as models. We show new MPs to look to the likes of Joe Malanji in as far as taking care of the people is concerned. Go beyond what the Government can provide in serving the people. Use money from your pocket to help the people. So one Mr. Malanji is one of our best MPs, we use him as an example especially when we are orienting new MPs. Bowman Chilosha Lusambo is equally a hard worker. He is an example of selfless people that ensure that women, youths and other vulnerable people are helped. So, people of Kabushi, I am asking you not to get upset because this process is legal but time will come for you to go back and vote even those who did not vote in 2021 to show this nation that you love these leaders because they support us,” he said.


  1. Good examples of corruption
    Lusambo was elected fraudulently
    Malanji was elected fraudulently
    And PF’s death anniversary is soon coming

  2. Can you opposition realise you have a chance to make a statement? We cant be voting for the same thieves over and over. This year ni PF next ni UPND. You small parties organise yourselves and punch more than your weight. Cant you make a breakthrough?

  3. That’s PF for you, the same language even before August 12 elections of we are winning, Antony Mumba is right, don’t expect any rebranding from the PF. The party appears brain dead. It requires a fresh breath of leaders

  4. Kambwili told us before he rejoined them that the PF was a party of the corrupt and plunderers, so who is going to vote for it

  5. “…….Use money from your pocket to help the people. So one Mr. Malanji is one of our best MPs, we use him as an……..”

    This is a very corrupt party……….

    It’s all about stealing to give handouts and enrich themselves and giving what they have stolen to show they are helping others……….

    The church is one of the main conduits for PF stolen money………….

  6. The late PF is still talking, How can PF win, based on what. A party which left Zambians with truck loads of poverty

  7. “……Use money from your pocket to help the people……..”

    This is were corruption is born in politics…..

    Until it becomes a self sustaining entity……

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