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24-year old man of Chipulukusu Compound for detained by Zambia Police for assaulting his four-year old son


Police in Ndola on the Copperbelt Province have arrested and detained a 24-year old man of Chipulukusu Compound for assaulting his four-year old son. Copperbelt Police Commanding Officer Sharon Zulu said the boy was beaten after asking for money from his father.

She identified the suspect as Ephraim Kalande, a businessman, who used kicks and fists to injure his son in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Ms. Zulu said the boy sustained a swollen and bruised face and general body pains.

She said the victim was only rescued from further beatings by a neighbour who also alerted the area Chairman who apprehend the suspect and handed him over to Mapalo Police Post. Police have since charged Mr. Kalande for assault on a child.

“Assault on a Child, reported at Ndola central Police Station through Police ( Mapalo Police Post ) which occurred on 9th August, 2022 at around 03:00 hours in Chipulukusu Compound Ndola. Complainant being Ruth Mukwenda aged 42 of House No. KAB 254 Chipulukusu Compound, a business lady who reported on behalf of the son’s neighbor a male juvenile aged 4, that the minor was beaten by his father Ephraim Kalande aged 24 ,a businessman,” Ms. Zulu said.

“The victim sustained a swollen and bruised face and general body pains. Kicks and fists are alleged to have been used to inflict the injury. Brief facts of the matter are that, on the material date and time, the reporter who shares rooms in the same house with the suspect heard the latter beating the victim as he cried uncontrollably,” she said.

Ms. Zulu concluded:”The suspect was even heard shouting when beating the victim that he should stop asking for coins or money. The reporter rescued the victim from the abusive father and took it upon herself by calling the section Chairman who came in to help and managed to apprehend the suspect and handed him over to Mapalo police post where he was detained and charged for Assault on a child.”


  1. How do you use kicks and fists on a four year old boy!!! Your own sun, muleumfwako nensoni. Is your business a genuine one or blood money? Maybe this guy wanted to sacrifice his son but he was unfortunate for him the son was rescued by a good Samaritan.
    Let him be jailed so that he learns a lesson in a harder way.

  2. Us we were beaten for breathing carelessly in front of elders. Beating is needed in our African setup. This boy will learn the value of money.

  3. How did this woman see kicks and fists if she was in the other room?
    If she is really a business woman as stated , what was she doing in someones house?
    I see exaggeration here . This woman wants the man locked up so that she can live rent free.
    This might just be a case of discipline.
    If the man is jailed is this fake business woman going to look after this boy and give him the money he was asking for
    from his father.
    POLICE , pliz butt out of family matters

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