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Patricia Scotland honored to be Head Woman in Chief Hamusonde’s village in Monze


Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland says she is incredibly honoured to be conferred as Head Woman by Chief Hamusonde of the Lundwe people of Bweengwa area in Monze district.

“It is a tremendous honour and I am thankful to the people of Zambia and President Hakainde Hichilema and I will always be at their service,” she tweeted.

Chief Hamusonde over the weekend conferred Ms Scotland with the status of Head Woman in his chiefdom.

This is for playing a major role to save the lives of the people in his chiefdom.

The Chief said Ms Scotland played a critical role in ensuring that Zambia was on a stable path and that the rule of law was exercised during and after the 2021 general election, which saw the new administration ushered into office.

The Chief also recognized Archbishop of Lusaka Telesphore Mpundu, Lawyer John Sangwa and Linda Kasonde, Human Rights Commissioner Laura Miti and Civil Rights activist Chama Fumba also known as Pilato, for playing an instrumental part in voicing out their democratic views in governance matters.

Speaking through a representative, Gift Monde at the 2022 Lwiindi-Lwanza traditional ceremony, Chief Hamusonde said the people mentioned and many others made sure that the country’s democracy is preserved.


  1. Traditional must be separated from politics or political appointment..
    Am sorry
    But am not in support of this development..
    It’s better to acknowledge the said work in fighting for democracy but not to the extent of giving them titles that must belong to indigenous people of the land .
    My thoughts

    • Anyway, without taking anything from those that have been awarded I think that 1st Lady Mutinta is more deserving considering what she put up with especially in the run up to the last election. She endured those barbaric teargas cannisters that were fired into her house in the night. Other women could have asked her husband to give up especially after losing 5 times in a roll. She could have asked him to give up and continue to enjoy his wealth. I hope that she’ll be included. What procedure was used to pick those that were awarded?

  2. Why confer such a honour on this corrupt woman? Must be pay back time I guess. Would these chaps in England/Scotland stoop so low? Zambia has truly been re-colonised

  3. Naturally, there is a reason why the traditional leader made this decision.
    She was a life saver wasn’t she.
    Otherwise someone would have been languishing in the four corners of that correctional facility for a long long long long long time.
    Naturally a touched chief would do this when his son can now somehow all of a sudden and mistakenly enjoy the privileges of that seat.
    Let’s just say, this alone cannot be news. But its okay, we understand the feeling. So thankful. Yak!

  4. I am a Tonga, I went to secondary school in this area of Southern Province. We Tonga never had chiefs. Every man was a chief of his own homestead. I do not support monarchy. I do not think that the government should indulge or financially support all these unelected local rulers. We have MPs for a reason. I do not recognise Chief Hamusonde, Chief Monze, Chief Mukuni, Litunga, Chiti Mukulu, Mupezeni, and whoever else thinks that he is a royal in our country. Enough is enough. We cannot be wasting money on people who should be fending for themselves

  5. Nothing new here. The Bembas even made a white man a Chitimukulu when they could not find a suitable Bemba to take the throne. This is just honorary and it will help the Monze chiefdom to be marketed by Dame Patricia.

  6. The validity or legality of mr hamusondes acknowledgement is baseless both in fact and in law… If i were a subject in your kingdom i wouldn’t listen to any sh** you say!!!

  7. well done chief and only those using deffectiive sess of binocularrss and and spec cant see sense. any way pansaka tapabula cipuba nga kaizer

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