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Former PF Mayor Praise HH for record recruitment of Workers within a year


Former Muchinga Province Mayor and Provincial Patriotic Front(PF) Treasurer Thomas Mutale has hailed the United Party for National Development (UPND’) s good governance record within one year in power .

Mr Mutale has also praised President Hakainde Hichilema for the various socio-economic developments that he has initiated just within one year as head of state.

Mr Mutale told ZANIS in Chinsali yesterday, that the UPND government under the leadership of President Hichilema has recorded a good number of developments in almost all the sectors of the economy.

He mentioned the provision of bursaries and scholarships through Constituency Development Fund (CDF) which he said has enabled many young people in the country and the province to access tertiary education.

Mr Mutale added that the free education and the employment of over 40 thousand Zambian citizens in both education and the health sectors is a milestone which the Zambian citizens should be proud of as it will remain a history in the country.

“For the first time in the country we have seen a huge recruitment of civil servants which has never happened with these other past governments since Zambia got independence,” Mr Mutale said.

The former Mayor added that in just one year, people’s lives have been changed in many ways.

He further challenged other political parties to emulate what the UPND has done saying politics of just talking should not be entertained instead politicians should focus on what the people want and implement various projects if they want to win the people’s hearts.

And a senior citizen has described the UPND as a party for the people.

Agness Mwansa said the UPND has already fulfilled most of its campaign promises to the Zambian people.

“On 24th August this year, the UPND will be turning one year in office with the massive development done so far,” she said.

She said the recent involvement of the young people in the National Census of Population and Housing is a plus as most young people are not employed.

“The act will help young people raise some money once they are paid and I’m sure most of them will invest the money in various businesses which will help them be busy instead of indulging themselves in bad habits,” Ms. Mwansa said.

Ms Mwansa added that given more time the UPND will develop the country as this is evident from what the party has implemented so far since August 2021 when they were voted in.

She further called on residents to support the UPND government as it continues to implement its party manifesto.

President Hakainde Hichilema was sworn in as Zambia’s seventh President on 24 August 2021, after winning a landslide victory.


  1. Notice that only former pf members are praising the upnd failures. They Want jobs. If upnd think these praises are genuine then they are in for a rude shock in 2026

  2. BRING ON 2026 we keep talking about it and I know you all way way out
    I am a chief Strategist if you dont know KIKIKI

    • Unlike UPND who never saw anything good in what pf did even though they are busy commissioning pf’s projects, PF has praise singer.

  3. Wait until IMF loan is signed. There will be no more recruitment in the civil service. So those teachers who missed the boat will remain in limbo.
    The census is only for one month….So those thousands of youths we saw applying for counting jobs will start asking questions again. From August to December is graduation season fro Universities and colleges. Hundreds of doctors, teachers , nurses etc will again be offloaded on the streets.
    Unions should brace for tough negotiations . With IMF a wage freeze will be implemented. No more salary increaments. The boys and girls at Ministry of Finance and BOZ will be rendered useless and chaps from IMF will come and camp in Lusaka to ensure terms of the loan are not violated.
    Watch the space …..we will have to tighten our belts !!

  4. One year Down the Line, People Like Brother Kaizer are still Bitter. What a shame. Put back Lungu on the Ballot in 2026. He will get Zero because Zambians have tested the leadership of both men. We have Peace, Law & Order and the Youth are being recruited without paying Bribes. PF Brothers Accept mistakes and take responsibility. YOU FAILED AND SHUTUP.

  5. PF cannot come back check history of Zambian politics.Unip,Mmd,then PF now Upnd.
    Zambians do not go backwards they go forward .I believe after Upnd another party will emerge to take over from Upnd.
    PF just bring sad memories of brutal caderism, corruption, intimidations,fear breakdown in law etc.My advice to PF consider changing the name and leaders.

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