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UPND Cadres Say Bowman Lusambo and Joseph Malanji are automatically disqualified to Re-Contest their Seats


The United Party for National Development (UPND) on the Copperbelt says it ready to challenge the decision by former Members of parliament (MP’s) for Kabushi and Kwacha constituencies Bowman Lusambo and Joseph Malanji on their decision to recontest the seats in the upcoming by-election.

Party provincial information secretary in – charge of media William Sitali said the party in the region will seek the interpretation of the law if the two candidates are eligible to stand.

Speaking in interview, Mr. Sitali said from the study undertaken of the constitution under the article 72, the party is of the understanding that two candidates are automatically disqualified.

Mr. Sitali said the new administration has set the record straight that it will rule the country by the rule of law and this applies to any election going forward.

“We have observed that the two candidates have declared interest in recontest the two seats which they previously held before the court nullified their election.

“ And they have since gone on ground to kick start campaigns before the electoral body can even give a go ahead.

“ Our concern is if they are eligible or not and we have resolved unanimously that we shall challenge their eligibility immediately they file their candidature at nominations” he said.

Kabushi and Kwacha constituencies fell vacant after the high court nullified the election of Patriotic Front (PF) candidates Mr.Lusambo and Mr. Malanji.


    • They are not scared of anyone. They are invoking the law which they found in place when they took power. This is the law that Lusambo and Malanji happy wielded when they were in power. There are no exceptions. If that law disqualifies Malanji and Lusambo, then they cannot run. It is that simple

  1. They are scared of us. They know what awaits. This wil be a litmus test for the upnd. i can assure you they know that they lack the grass roots support. This is a sign of what will happen in 2026. You f00ls will know who God is.

    • If you are so courageous, why are you in exile? HH never ran anywhere. You arrested him 15 times, and were planning to kill him if you “won”, but the man stood and fought like a man. Meanwhile, you took the money you stole from Zambia, tucked your tail between your buttocks, ran to England like the coward you are, and declared from whatever hole you are hiding in over there, that someone is scared of you. In case it is not apparent, you are the one who has run away; UPND has not.

  2. UPND is infested with weeds of COWARDS who have NO clue on the concept of democracy that civilized nations of the world are embracing. UPND Parliamentary candidates CANNOT hope to grab parliamentary seats based LIES. They must contest to compete in the elections by convincing the electorate with credible messages. THIS IS A CROP OF COWARDS and economic parasites masquerading as politicians.

    • Economic parasites are the tribalists who took a country that was virtually debt free, saddled it an unpayable US $30 billion debt trap, and sold the rest to the Chinese and the Lebanese. I hate PF and MMD for destroying our beautiful country.

  3. Even if they contest…………

    There are no free handouts and violent caders and GRZ marchianary to support……….

  4. When I said that Upnd had set a trap for Lusambo this is what I meant….it starts with cadres then Mweetwa and friends will pretend that they are only listening to the public outcry. By that SHINDANO will have left the ECZ and replaced by most probably Chipenzi who will interprete the law according to what Mweetwa wants. Rubbish

  5. There is a grade 12 school certificate, SC, which has minimum six passes in one sitting and a grade 12 general certificate of education, GCE, carrying a maximum of three passes per sitting.

    I glance at three of Mr. Malanji’s GCE’s, all sat at Chingola Continuing Education centre. Total subjects recorded on all certificates amount to eight, recording a distinction in English language.

    My question is: which G12 certificate should a political candidate produce? Did he declare fake documents? What constitutes g12 certificate?

    • The law UPND is invoking was there before UPND came into power. It was enacted by MMD and PF. If invoking a law, that for whatever reason you was nefariously inspired by pusillanimity, is a failing, go ahead and blame those who created it. UPND has made no change to the Zambian constitution; they are applying it exactly as it is written. This is why Lusambo and Malanji cannot run; and that is why Mumbi Phiri should remain in jail without bail

  6. You are just scared of Malanji and Lusambo. You know them very well that they will emberass you. If you strong to beat them leave them. That is a sign of defeat.

  7. Article 72. Vacation of office as Member of Parliament and dissolution of political party
    2. The office of Member of Parliament becomes vacant if the member—
    h) is disqualified as a result of a decision of the Constitutional Court; or

    4. A person who causes a vacancy in the National Assembly due to the reasons specified under clause (2) (a), (b), (c), (d), (g) and (h) shall not, during the term of that Parliament—
    a) be eligible to contest an election; or
    b) hold public office.

  8. I hope the above will help some of you understand where the UPND cadres are coming from.
    The UPND cadres are not “jokers” or “Cowards” and I don’t think they are “scared”. The constitution says it clearly, and they are right to seek intepretation, based on above extract from the constitution.

  9. the pf govt that tolerated corruption, dirty,violelencee and all sorts of nosense is no longer there. and our learned dont wwantany more dirty but to see sanity

  10. the pf govt that tolerated corruption, dirty,violelencee and all sorts of nosense is no longer there. and our learned llawyers dont want to see any more dirty but to see sanity

    • UPND has inherited a country with intractable economic problem. Zambia has never faced greater odds with fewer resources. Their work is cut for them. Under the circumstances, UPND must do a better outreach to the people.

  11. kkkkkkkk too early to be afraid, they are afraid and that is an indication of cowardice .The two are eligible just prepare that is all and stop wasting time yapping bwana.

  12. kakuli is another blind quack and ajso using nakachinda’s defunct binoculars and cant reaad what is now being writen on the walls about the pf the party that was led by corrupt crooks and rejected shamefully only a fool cant see the positive change brought in by upnd. at least kunda is reasonable enough because he wants upnd to do more good things. am not upnd but i shall vote for upnd because of freedom from the cadres/at least 10 relatives are now employed, corruption is being fought, political violence has been reduced tremendously. so whatever the remnents of pf are saying are only a revailation of soar grape , dying horse, coupled with shame of highest degree, kabushi and kwacha are now for upnd. remember upnd was cursed at that time when ECL said ” when i go through , i shall…

  13. Those saying UPND are scared of lusbo and milanji is like saying…..

    Students who protest leakage of exam papers to some students are just scaredo of competing against them……………

  14. Actually they should all be jailed for producing fake certificates. The same applies to Edgar Lungu for hiding his Malawian origins and tossing around wit 2 different numbered registration cards.

  15. Ba Samuel Phiri naimwe, Do you follow events? Ati ECL should be jailed for hiding his Malawian origins. Which evidence do you have to substantiate your allegations? Follow court proceedings instead of just yapping anyhow. You can hate him if you want but the fact is that ECL is a pure Zambian hailing from Petauke but raised and educated on the Copperbelt.

  16. Call it what you like, these two PF MPs have cost the country millions of Kwacha due to their violence and fake certificates. This money could have been used for other essential activities but thanks to these thugs a bye elections. Son why allow them to contest. On this I am with you BA UPND go to the Concourt after all Kaizer Zulu used the same court to get alot of rulings in PF favor. No wonder they have started to resign from Concourt there know what is coming there way. Kazier Zulu just stup up you brought thuggery to this country .
    Slow but sure those who used PF to tortue, steal abuse citizens are being fired e.g. Police officers been retired

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