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President HH and Speaker Mutti Attend Madam Mary Chirwa’s Press Conference

Columns President HH and Speaker Mutti Attend Madam Mary Chirwa’s Press Conference

By Kapya Kaoma

The leadership of President Hichilema in fighting corruption has registered another huge victory–the long awaited DNA results proved it; Mr. Suzyo Nyika’s death was faked! The reason why PF is claiming that the man, (found hiding from the DEC and the ACC in the coffin in the grave by intelligent and hardworking law enforcement officials)–is dead is meant to present the President’s team as incompetent. Be warned–the PF thieves may fake their deaths, Madam Mary Chirwa, the Director General of Drug Enforcement Commission, and the ACC will not leave any grave untouched.

The DNA result of Mr. Nyika testifies to the unmatched competency of the President’s team. Only fools would doubt Madam Chirwa’s ethical leadership, ubuntu, decency and integrity. That’s why President HH needs her, and no shame or indignity will stop her anti-corruption campaign of bringing thieves to court. Didn’t you attend her Press Conference flanked by President HH and Speaker Nelly Mutti? PF losers must understand that unlike unethical Lungu, President HH worships transparency, decency, and integrity. Mr. Nyika was exhumed for this very reason, truth is the engine of the New Dawn administration.

Our Director General doesn’t need uninvited sympathy. After all, she wasn’t violated as initially thought. Moreover, the videos have no bearing on Madam Chirwa’s ethical leadership and integrity. If they could dig out corpses, and arrest Iris Kaingu for indecency, what would stop President HH, the Inspector of Police, the OP, the ACC and Madam Chirwa herself from investigating this case?

I applaud our President for cutting short his two day visit to Tanzania to stand with Madam Chirwa at the Press Conference. The Madam spoke for herself and put all speculations to rest. Despondent and despicable MP Mung’andu deliberately missed that Press Conference. Had he attended it, he wouldn’t have disgraced himself by asking the Vice President about obscene videos linked to Madam Chirwa. As Speaker Mutti said, “let he who has not … fondled himself throw the first stone”.

Yes. Since when did PF preach morality? Madam Chirwa is hated for putting criminals in jail. If we could exhume dead bodies linked to corruption, what would stop us from knowing the truth about these videos? Just ask the President or the Speaker, the truth has finally set Madam Chirwa free! Both of them watched those videos, and heard first hand the Director General answering our questions. They finally concluded that no crime was committed.

We know how the Scribes and the Pharisees sought to stone a woman for committing adultery. While the law demanded that both the man and the woman be stoned, like PF Mumbi Phiri’s arrest, only the woman was arrested and brought before Jesus. Self-righteous men asked, “Teacher, this woman was caught in the act of adultery. In the Law Moses commanded us to stone such women.Now what do you say?” Jesus silenced them, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her” (John 8: 7).

So the Speaker shamed PF cadres, “let the one who has not…fondled himself throw the first stone”. She didn’t write on the ground but with the colonial wig, she silenced Madam Chirwa’s opponents! If you believe Iris is the only porn star, shame on you. MPs, the President and all Zambians have fondled themselves. Just go to social media; obscene material from MPs, the President, public officials and the Speaker abound. Henceforth Parliament won’t discuss disgraceful actions of public officials–everyone has fondled him/herself and posted videos on social media. Madam Chirwa’s responsibilitties include policing pornographic material. But who thinks it’s hard to prosecute her own videos when she knows all the facts?

Besides, pornographic material is big business. There is nothing wrong for our Director to exercise her rights in this business. If I got her right, she mistakenly pressed “send” to the wrong person. And who has not done it? Moreover, “views” and “likes” on social media are monetized. And who doesn’t know that beautiful bodies are very marketable. Didn’t you hear President HH instructing Madam Chirwa to stop policing pornography as part of his job creation initiative? What adults do with their bodies is a democratic right!

I am so proud that our Parliament will follow this philosophy. If you want to term pornography as criminal, remember MPs have fondled themselves. If you call someone a liar, you have lied too. If you use a tribal card, you have used it too. We are in the new Dawn–public officials can do whatever they want.

Long live my Bally! We are now free to express ourselves the way we want. Long live Madam Chirwa for facing your subordinates with your own obscene videos on their phones and work computers. Long live Madam Speaker for shooting straight–in Ballycountry, integrity, decency, ethical leadership and ubuntu are extinct!

But not satire!


  1. The only fundamental reason that Mary Chirwa has been kept in her job is her insolence towards the former 1st family. As long as she continues to belittle and insult ECL, even when she isn’t investigating any substantive case against him or members of his family, the UNPD top hierarchy will always admire her as a heroness. That’s how warped their dirty minds are. My advice to Mutati and Milupi is to get out of this korokoro government before they’re caught up in the storm. The UPND is a party of sick people. May the Public Protector rescue Mary from UPND captors for they’re just abusing a bi-polar patient. If Jesus comes today many in the UPND can’t the light

    • Mutati can’t get out because he’s now a full fledged member of the Upnd. As as people started insinuating that he was campaigning for himself using his ministerial position he hastly”normalized” his Upnd membership

    • The fact that you think some fictious character in the bible called Jesus is “coming back” makes you equally delusional like a “bi-polar patient”.

    • @1.1, By virtue of being citizens of Zambia a Christian nation named after Jesus Christ who’s believed by his followers of a possible come back, we’re then all bi-polar. That being the case, then I accept my condition as a bi-polar out-patient that doesn’t fondle thyself

    • Next you will say Father Christmas is real..the declaration of Zambia a Christian Nation does not make you any different to any other country in fact there are non religious countries out there who put Zambia to shame. No wonder the likes of ZB are racking in the bumper profits and the only company expanding in the land. You were duped by the dwarf FTJ who was busy stealing and committing adultery whilst you were celebrating this fallacy of Christian Nation declaration.

    • Ayatollah

      1. Don’t let anyone shake what you believe. Believing in Jesus is a choice, and no person cannot be forced to take up Jesus. Every person has free will to choose what to believe or not to believe and it’s written in the bible. Jesus never forced people to believe his gospel. He preached where he was welcomed and left people alone where he was not welcomed. He instructed his disciples that if anyone did not welcome them – then they should not force themselves to preach the gospel.

    • 2. Frankly, if anyone has issues with anyone believing in Jesus or God, then they are the one that carry the anguish inside their minds. Because, if someone tells me that they believe in the BING BANG THEORY, I don’t have to waste my time putting up an argument with them, the very fact I don’t believe in the BING BANG THEORY. I will respect their free will to believe in what they want and leave them alone to exercise their belief and credence. And that does not make a person who believes in The BING BANG THEORY a bad person, they are still part of all the Humanity-Ecosystem.

      Keep posting, we appreciate you …….

    • “1.4, Thanks for your support but for your info, I’m not a Christian. I respect Christianity and all religions of the world. If it makes one a better person then it’s good. However, bad people exist in all spheres of life. There are good and bad Christians just like there are good and bad atheists. Good and bad Muslims exist, just Hindus, Sikhs, etc. What will I gain by disrespecting your faith? Nothing

    • Ayatollah – ” By virtue of being citizens of Zambia a Christian nation named after Jesus Christ…blahh blah.”
      Dont play victim here you post comments using characters in the bible to back up your posts when someone responds you start crying profusely and bring in the declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation. Grow up
      And there is a blogger on the thread who has no understanding of how Christianity was spread on the continent ..he thinks invites were sent to Chiefs and subjects to attend a convention, alot of blood was shed in the name of religion to convert our ancestors. I wont bother with this blogger anyway because his bootlickers and hanger ons will come out in force to blindly defend their King. They will even go as far as to hack the website and block you.

    • @1.8 Tarino, it’s you that needs to grow up. Isn’t it a fact that Christianity is entrenched in the Zambian way of life? Oaths are administered using the Bible, whether you’re a Christian or not. Most of the funerals I have attended are preceded by at least a prayer before burial and it looks un-Zambian to commit the departed without one. What more can I say? I live here among the people

    • b> Tarino Orange

      1. You are free to campaign to re-write the Zambian Constitution and remove all Bible doctrines. The Zambian Constitution was derived from the British Constitution, which was written, compiled using Bible Doctrines in the English Language. So are German, Greek, French, Italian constitutions. And many more nations. The USA’s constitution is derived from Bible Doctrines, which were derived from the British Constitution using the English language and narratives. A reason why even on the on the $Dollar it says (In God We Trust )

    • 2. Moslems nations are called Islamic nations because their constitutions are derived from the Quran Doctrines. So if you live in these Islamic nations, you cannot say, I don’t agree with your Islamic Laws because where I come from – I don’t believe in this stuff. You either abide or go to jail. Russia has some of its constitution partly derived from Orthodox Church.

    • 4. There is no denying that some greed, evil individuals’ centuries used Christianity to Enslave, Kill, Commercialise the trade industry. Some nations suffered brutal Christian Crusade Wars. In all churches there bad and good people even in the present day. In politics there are bad/corrupt people who are there to enrich themselves. But also good politicians who are there to make a different. But they are stand under the same umbrella called politicians

    • Indeed What more can you say? You have no idea of what limitless knowledge to tap in infront of you. When it comes to religion you can not ask any questions …you use words like “un-Zambian” where the bible is no where to be seen at funeral. The script writers knew what they were doing…they really played a number on us.

      “The forces that unite us are intrinsic and greater than the superimposed influences that keep us apart.” – Kwame Nkrumah

  2. Kapya Kaoma, First and foremost who is Mr. Suzyo Nyika? What’s wrong with authors of today? At least have a short introduction instead of going straight into a rant like you sitting on thorns in an internet cafe with 5 mins left on the timer.

  3. I can not read such nonsense this chap Kapya Kaoma is trying to re-invent himself as a satirical writer ..really laughable indeed

    • Tarino Orange

      Why are you reacting and commenting on the article if you cannot read the authors articles. You are just making yourself a fooool. This is really laughable

    • Tarino Orange

      Thats why you have not done well in life, but addicted to lusakatimes, because you have all the time in the world. Had you read or studied books properly, you would have ended up a big man in society doing big stuff.

  4. DNA tests do not prove the cause of death ba Rev.
    I haven’t read the whole post but the opening line has put me off. Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus.

  5. Envy and jealousy is now driving you insane…………

    Atleast Pace yourself …………..

    2031 is a long ways to go badala…….

    • Appointed by whom? Dont you know that your own Kemetic spirituality of your ancentors predates Christianity…why do you think the Roman script writers spent decades in now Egypt? Why is everything in the bible third person tense? These are the questions you should asking ..God gave you a brain to wonder and think.
      Wake up from your docility and gullibility!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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