Tuesday, June 18, 2024

List of retired Police Officers is fake


Ministry of information and Media Director Spokesperson Thabo Kawana says the list making rounds on social media over retired Police Officers should be treated as fake.

Mr Kawana noted that it has come to the attention of the Ministry that there is a list doing rounds on Social Media of Officers purported to have been retired from service on National Interest.

“Kindly note that the purported document is not on headed paper and bears no official stamp and therefore can not be said to be a Government document hence safe to classify it as fake,” he noted

He has however stated that if such development arises, official channels of communication to the public will be employed and put on official documents properly headed for reference and authentication with due stamp embedded.

Meanwhile, the Zambia Police Service Commission Chairperson Peter Machungwa has noted that the list of retired officers is not from his office.

Mr Machungwa added that the list circulating on social media purporting that it has retired over 50 officers is fake and should be ignored.

He stated that the Commission will use the official channels of communication if such a decision is made and not post it on social media.

Mr Machungwa highlighted this in a telephone interview with ZNBC news.


  1. After failing to provide checks and balances a ka fallen party resorts to fakes and cry-ing-nces. Just like the gassing and market fires they are masters of smear. Be strong ba bounce back kikikiki

    • This is not fake. It has just been leaked pre-maturely. Thats why the Police spokesperson is not roundly dismissing it but adding the appendix “if such a decision is made”. The decision could be made anyday now

  2. Maybe the list is authentic accept that it was released to the public before it was acted upon, rendering it Fake News. The general public does not choose who gets fire.
    Can Mr. Thabo Kawana assure Zambians that non on this list will be fired in the next few months to come to prove how factually true his truthfulness is?

  3. Where is the Govt Spokesperson? You have a Media Director chairing media briefings …very humiliating to the PS and Minister…this guy is the defacto Minister of Information.

  4. Each time I look into the eyes of Thabo as he speaks I notice that he’s not convinced about his statements. It’s like he’s being forced to say something. The one on Mary DEC was a troubled presser and I’m sure even this one is. Why hasn’t Chushi said anything?

  5. Thabo Kawana just doesn’t strike me as credible or believable. His speech, demeanor, facial appearance, and body language tells it all. Is this the messenger the New Dawn entrusts with communicating serious messages?

  6. You need to retaire all those police who were acting like PF cader forces and taking instructions from caders……….

    Sack them……..

  7. You have been caught pants down. Ba Thabo all your explanations have hit the wall. I remember very well your lies about the declaration of the assets by the president , ministers and Mps. When asked about proof that all have done declarations your answer was ….”go at che ck the filer”kikiki.
    I have been to the FILER and todate have not seen HH declaration of Assets,. So please keep the lies to your self and your party.

  8. Some spokes person become an irritation to the public. Remember DORA when she was spokesperson for MMD.? MMD dissapeared. She became spokesperson for PF. PF dissappeard. At the moment UPND as no “spokesperson” that can instill confidence in the people of Zambia. What we have are just irritations. The earlier the party realises the better. Please keep Chushi and THABO from the public for the party’s sake.

    • What is a media director? He directs which media? This is a useless ministry that like the Religious ministry should have been scrapped. There are no ministry of information/broadacasting in real democracies. The opposition would object to such wastes of public money. Someone tell me what it does

  9. Chileshe Kandeta got himself in trouble for releasing a budget document without permission… those who have done so on this must also be punished. Leaking government information is tantamount to treason. That’s why reemploying those who were retired like Lemmy Kajoba in national interest is a disservice to the nation. It doesn’t matter whether he leaked PF or Upnd GRZ info to embarrass the ruling party… bottom line he’s breached trust.

  10. What is a media director? He directs which media? This is a useless ministry that like the Religious ministry should have been scrapped. Someone tell me what it does

  11. why a party media director chairing and briefing the nation on national issues were is the information minister ? anyway they is no smoke without fire watch the space

  12. Cartoon government. It still shows it has no plans for Zambia. Thats why the president is busier with commissioning than with cabinet meetingswhere he should be initiating and supervising plans

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