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One detained for external examinations malpractice


Police in Kasenengwa Town says they have detained one person for external examinations malpractice.

Zambia Police Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga says Faith aged 21 of Chikando Health Centre, was found in possession of a National Registration Card (NRC) of another person as she was about to write Mathematics Paper One.

The incident happened on August 10, 2022, at Chiparamba Day Secondary School when, during the routine checking of the NRCs before writing the examinations, the supervisor Leonard Banda discovered that Faith Banda’s NRC was tampered with.

Mr Hamoonga in a statement said it was also established that Faith had placed in the NRC her photo on top of another photo that belonged to Misozi Banda, her step-sister, who was the rightful candidate that was supposed to be writing the external examination.

“The supervisor Lenard Banda noticed something on the NRC for one candidate Faith Banda and when he checked he discovered that her photo was placed on top of another photo. It was further established that the owner of the NRC Banda Misozi is her step sister and she was writing for her,” he said.

The Police Spokesperson further said it was later discovered that the suspect had already written Zambian language and Biology and only remained with Mathematics papers one and two.

Mr Hamoonga said Faith has since been detained in police custody waiting to be charged and arrested accordingly.


  1. It’s such practices that erode the moral fibre of society. You can imagine a situation whereby institutions begin not to recognize qualifications unless they conduct their own assessment. Now some colleges require candidates to sit for aptitude tests to prove their competence. So I will support any move to stiffen the punishment of such offenders in order to deter others. If you don’t have the necessary competences just accept and find something to else to do. I was saddened when I heard that some newly recruited teachers were asking for assistance to fill the forms! If they can’t fill in forms how will they be able to teach? Or should I say cheat? Our education system doesn’t respond to our needs, that’s why you require to re-train new recruits to fit into your programs

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