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One Person dies in Motorcyclists in head on collision


One person has died while two others are nursing injuries at Chienge District Hospital after a head-on collision involving motor cycles.

The road traffic accident involving two unregistered Boxer Motor Cycles occurred yesterday around 21:45 hours along the Mununga-Chiengi Road at Ponde Village in Senior Chief Puta’s Chiefdom of Chienge District in Luapula Province.

Chienge District Commissioner, Dennyson Chishimba has confirmed the development in an interview adding said the deceased identified 27 Pervias Mulakwa of Kalembwe Village in Senior Chief Puta’s Chiefdom died on his way to the hospital.

Mr. Chishimba said the deceased Mr. Mulakwa ‘s remains has since been deposited at Chienge District Hospital Mortuary has been identified as 27 year old Pervias Mulakwa .

The DC said the two other accident victims, a motor cycle rider and a passenger sustained deep cuts on their foreheads and bruises on their bodies.

The other Motor cycle rider has been identified as Sytone Songwe, aged 20 of Kawila Village in Senior Chief Puta’s Chiefdom while the passenger has been identified as 17 year old Joyce Lukwesa whose residence is yet to be established.

In a related development, Chiengi District Commissioner, Dennyson Chishimba has advised motor cycle riders in the area to ensure that they obey all the traffic rules while on the road.

Mr. Chishimba has also implored all the Motor cycle riders, locally known as Montalas to obtain riders licences.


  1. Motorcycles are the most common mode of transport in this area. Most of those riders don’t have licenses and RTSA should take it upon itself to conduct mobile lessons and licensing in these areas. The road is bad and therefore I don’t know which traffic rules the DC is talking about. That can’t be classified as gravel because there are potholes and waves everywhere. VEEP Nalumango was recently in Chienge for Ubwilile ceremony and I’m sure she saw for herself how poor roads have retarded development in this area. The terrain has been worsened by those Zambia Army trucks hauling maize. Why can’t FRA buy rice as well because it’s rotting in people’s homes.

    • ” Most of those riders don’t have licenses and RTSA should take it upon itself to conduct mobile lessons and licensing in these areas. ”
      So if RTSA go ahead with your propose and say please increase road tax to fund this programme…what are you then going to say? You think the logistics and paper work is cheap?

    • @1.2 Tarino, don’t comment if you don’t know. RTSA was in Eastern province recently on a similar program. RTSA is a department in the Ministry of Transport and is funded by Government. It has a clear mandate under the Law. It’s their duty to take their services to all corners of Zambia. Road Transport and Safety Agency as the name suggests have a duty to ensure road safety and one of them is through education of road users. There’s no co-relation between the fees they charge and the services they offer. Just like the Department of National Registration, they issue NRCs at no cost and where it is charged like on replacement it’s very minimal. You can’t say they should increase their fees because they have to meet the cost of going to outlying areas, that’s korokoro thinking. Their…

  2. How is it possible for motorcyclists to have a head collision on a road that accommodates two vehicles at that time of the evening?


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