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Police on the Copperbelt launch for people who posted obscene videos on Social Media


POLICE have launched a manhunt for people who have posted and circulated an obscene video of a 19-year-old adult juvenile from Chingola and his girlfriend having sex.

The video is also accompanied by another WhatsApp video in which the boy’s girlfriend who is from Ndola was naked and is touching her private part.

The said suspects are believed to have demanded a K4,000 from the victim and when he refused to bow down to their demands, they circulated the obscene material.

Copperbelt Province Commanding officer Sharon Zulu said police have recorded a case of circulating obscene materials and extortion at an unknown time which happened on August 3rd in Nchanga South Chingola

“A 19-year old boy reported at Chingola District anti-fraud Unit that unknown people using cellphone numbers and phoned and told him that they had a nude video of him having sex with his girlfriend aged 19 of Ndola and also a nude whatsApp video call in which he was chatting with the girlfriend who was naked and touching her private parts.The same people threatened and demanded that he pays them K4000 failure to which they would circulate his obscene photos on social media,” she said

Ms Zulu said the latter refused to bow to their demands and that was when they circulated the obscene material on social media.

“Brief facts are that on unknown date the complainant had a whatsapp video call with his girlfriend where the girl was naked. He suspects that the people who threatened him had access to the video which they were now using to extort money from him. Investigations have since been instituted into the matter to bring those that circulated the obscene materials to book . Also the person who took the same materials which are not for the consumption of the public has been questioned,” she said.


  1. Zambia is a pervert nation as opposed to what a philanderer declared it to be. This trait as just been exposed because of the availability of hand gadgets to record. It’s evident that Christianity as a national philosophy has failed. It’s better we re-think. What inspiration do we get from the senseless gibberish mantras that prophets and evangelists recite?

  2. I think it is about time we moved on from investigating f00Iish cases using taxpayers money. If two consenting adults decide to create a video for their personal use it should not be publicised. Just do the investigating into who shared it quietly rather than publicly and embarras that f00Iish couple more.

    We all watch p0n0graphic content. Can the laws be changed because we are too hypocritical.

  3. These guys are useless they can find scammers and fraudsters but quick to chase after such things as its easier to trace.

  4. You bet if that low-life Kainyokolile Zulu had a chance he would record something like this and try to shake-down someone for thousands by spreading it on social media. I will never forget how he tried shooting Kavindele’s son’s and a Club and then tried to settle with them, that criminal was a law unto himself during the time of that masipa called Lungu’s presidency. He was like Malya-Mungu during Amin’s reign of terror in Uganda.

    • Muk0ngo wa knee-yoko.

      Fuseke! Don’t talk about cases you have no idea about. If I did aa you allege why don’t I have any criminal records. Go ask kavindele if he has beef with me. We are friends yet here you are spreading lies and false information. You f00Isih upnd cadre. You won’t and will never bring me down.

  5. Let those who have not sinned or photographed themselves cast the first stone. Really.
    We all go to the loo, locked up, to either wee wee or poo poo. Flush and leave the toilet, no one wants to see your trash otherwise others will mock (stone) you for carrying pictures of your private lavatory session.

    Do you remember that woman, Georgiana, who extorted a man by blackmailing him if he refuses to buy her an iPhone ix? That was July 2020.
    While private emotional and psychological intimacy is acceptable, public nuisance, circulating and sharing those videos, possessing, production, watching and extorting are all serious offences in Zambia.

  6. But why even make such obscene videos in the first place that can get you in trouble in future and if you do ensure that you keep them safely.

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